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Your partner: With CADFEM AI, we support you in the implementation of AI in simulation and digital engineering in a targeted, personalized, and collaborative approach.

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AI Services

CADFEM AI stands for the optimal and individual combination of one or more powerful AI solutions and AI services by CADFEM and partners. To ensure that the potential of AI can be used in a targeted, comprehensive and sustainable manner, we provide you with comprehensive support with CADFEM AI Services.

AI projects are teamwork

A multi-stage process that begins with the joint definition of requirements has proven successful for implementation. This is followed by the development and implementation of the customer-specific overall solution, which we also support during operation and continuous further development. Individually and in partnership.

1. Definition


Business cases | data assessment | organizational boundary conditions (stakeholder, project integration, adoption)

2. Development

Specific Engineering Services

Data Handling/Interfaces | implementation ML-methodology (software, hardware) | process integration

3. Deployment

Specific Engineering Services

Implementation of ML-workflow on customer side | Training

4. Hypercare

Defined Contingent

Project specific post implementation support

You can see that many companies are intensively involved with AI in digital engineering. We do not take it for granted that many approach CADFEM with their questions and wishes and trust us with this emerging and important topic. We are pleased about successful projects with well-known customers - also thanks to the cooperation with PI Probaligence.

Ralph Hohenwarter, Business Development Manager ML/KI, CADFEM Germany GmbH, Grafing

PI Probaligence

In addition, CADFEM relies on the complementary expertise of a highly specialized partner, PI Probaligence GmbH.

AI experts who understand simulation

  • Focus on ML in combination with effective stochastic methods
  • Interlinking innovative research and industrial practice
  • STOCHOS, as a unique algorithm that combines expert independence, efficient utilization of computing resources and high quality results.

PI's existing connections to simulation are another strong argument: PI already works with ANSYS, Inc. and the founders of PI are very familiar with simulation methods from their previous professional and scientific activities.

The right solution for you

With CADFEM AI, we accompany you competently with tools and services on your way into the world of artificial intelligence.

  • Benefit from CADFEM's know-how and strong partnership with PI Probaligence and Ansys combined with our expertise in AI, ML, simulation and digitalization in engineering. Empowered by a comprehensive approach.
  • Personal contacts with in-depth practical knowledge in the areas of customization, programming, process integration of ML algorithms and simulation data and process management.
  • Experience from many implementation and development projects for customers of all sizes and with a wide variety of requirement profiles and use cases.

What can we do for you? We look forward to talking to you.

Ralph Hohenwarter
Business Development Manager ML/KI, CADFEM Germany GmbH, Grafing