Simulation is more than Software

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CADFEM supports lifelong learning for engineering simulation

Your added value: strong practical focus and sustained learning outcomes

Use, learn & study

The varied and flexible further education courses are designed to support lifelong learning and include part-time and eLearning options. CADFEM provides a broad spectrum of simulation knowledge – from CAE fundamentals, useful background knowledge and best practical applications of simulation software through to simulation-related management topics.

Discover the extensive range of CADFEM professional development offerings

CADFEM professional development cover a broad spectrum of simulation topics. They are characterized by a strong practical focus, sustained learning outcomes and a stimulating working environment. Direct dialog with experienced speakers, exchanges with other participants, and immediate practical computer-based training – all of these contribute to tangible added value for daily simulation practice.

Learn today, apply tomorrow

CADFEM offers a broad spectrum of further training options for all kinds of applications and industries via more than 100 seminars, online training and certified courses from our university partners in the areas of structural mechanics, fluid mechanics, electromagnetics, acoustics and multiphysics.

All seminars are held in a focused learning environment in one of our offices. Countless exercise units with professional support deepen the knowledge gained and give you the confidence to work on your own projects.

Course highlights

CADFEM Learning on Demand

You choose when, where and how you learn. This is made possible by the new eLearning offering from CADFEM, who has worked with the ZEIT Akademie to jointly develop the teaching methods and form of presentation.

You benefit from the proven seminar expertise of the CADFEM team but enjoy maximum flexibility to choose when and where you train. Our course contents are specifically prepared for this medium. Try it out for yourself!

eLearning highlights

Career-advancing studies in engineering simulation

CADFEM offers career-integrated study programs with selected university partners under the esocaet Studies label. Whether master’s degree modules, certificate programs or advanced part-time courses culminating in a master’s degree: in continuous lifelong academic education, you take a look behind the program interface.

You acquire physics knowledge that will allow you to expertly evaluate tasks and results, use analytical methods to simplify models and validate results, and understand the influence of all kinds of software parameters.

Studies highlights

CADFEM learning pathways

Which seminars are most appropriate for my professional tasks? What’s the quickest way to integrate new employees? CADFEM learning pathways sketch out optimized training routes for the most common user topics in fluid dynamics, electromagnetics, electronics, structural mechanics, acoustics, and thermal mechanics.

Lifelong learning with CADFEM

We continuously update our skills as we move from school to a career as a simulation expert. CADFEM offers in-depth training and further education for this, promotes global exchanges of experience among simulation experts and develops dialog with industry and the research sectors.

If you haven't found the appropriate professional development program yet, we can help.

The CADFEM Professional Development team would be pleased to advise you on the most suitable course.

Further simulation knowledge pools

Always use our large pool of specialist information to stay up to date on the latest in technical simulation. Whether you are an experienced user, beginner or engineering student – browse and discover current CAE information with practical reports and the latest technologies from the world of simulation solutions.

The right solutions for your simulation projects

Simulation is everywhere and affects every industry. Since simulation requires more than software, CADFEM offers everything you need for successful simulation from a single source: software and IT solutions, consulting, support, engineering and knowledge sharing – always on the cutting edge.