Simulation is more than Software

Up to date with a Digital Twin

‘What if’ analyses and operational simulations to ensure availability and minimize maintenance costs.

Digital twins help assess the service life and manage the maintenance of products and systems

Use real-time monitoring to expand your knowledge of your product’s current condition – the key to introducing condition-based maintenance and ensuring maximum availability. CADFEM provides the technology you need.

General introduction to simulation with a Digital Twin

Simulation in operation

Real-time sensor data, data from the control system or even information about maintenance cycles can be used to associate a physical product with a corresponding numerical simulation model. This digital twin not only allows you to carry out precise condition monitoring during operation but also lets you predict remaining service life.

Advanced information through virtual sensors

The Digital Twin provides advanced information through virtual sensors as computational results of a (continuously) sensor-fed simulation. This makes it possible to record properties that would otherwise be difficult to measure, such as the temperature in a blast furnace, the energy converted in the arc between the relay contacts or the stresses of the mechanical components to assess the actual state.

Added value through predictive maintenance

By switching from preventive maintenance to predictive maintenance, you can significantly boost your competitiveness in the service business. Using simulation-based digital twins provides a reliable way of implementing new services, such as ‘Maintenance as a Service’, ‘Recommendation as a Service’ and ‘Machine as a Service’. CADFEM is here to support you as you develop new business models and put them into practice.

Optimal Operation

For plant operators, precise knowledge of the plant condition offers the possibility of making optimum use of their equipment. This allows competing criteria such as service life, operating time, performance, energy costs, degradation, spare parts stocking, etc. to be better balanced.

Using a Digital Twin as a planning tool in sales

Numerical simulation models allow you to configure and validate sophisticated solutions based on real-time usage profiles. This means that you can tailor complex methods more effectively to customer-specific requirement profiles and reduce the quality costs in solution selling.

Benefits of using Digital Twin


lower maintenance costs

with predictive maintenance

fewer technical defects

with predictive maintenance

less downtime

with predictive maintenance


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