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The CADFEM cloud services for your simulation activities

The right choice for HPC: not all clouds are made equal.

Hardware as a Service

On the cloud, get set, go! Cloud services from CADFEM quickly and easily provide you with additional HPC power, specifically tailored for simulation with Ansys. Fully configured for CAE and with pre-installed Ansys, they can be implemented immediately. A fast and seamless solution when you’re facing rising hardware requirements. Personal support from CADFEM cloud and Ansys specialists included.

eCADFEM Cloud Computing benefits at a glance

Using the cloud services, which CADFEM provides directly and with its partners AWS and Rescale, you can achieve the exact HPC power you need for your simulation activities with Ansys, ROCKY DEM or Motor-CAD at any time. Access is established via remote graphics with full 3D support so that you can work interactively on the cloud computer in the usual manner and can implement all CADFEM simulation applications. 

  • Pre-installed with and preconfigured for Ansys
  • Immediate HPC: additional computing resources acquired fast
  • CADFEM service with personal contact
  • German cloud with data centers in Germany
  • Instruction and support from CADFEM IT experts
Bob Moore
IT Manager, CADFEM Ireland Ltd.

German cloud

No experiments. Our cloud services only use data centers in Germany.


We are here for you. You will have a personal CADFEM contact to support you when using our cloud services.


Ansys on board. All our cloud services are equipped with current Ansys versions and can be used immediately.

Short-term computer power

Use of CADFEM Engineering Cloud to cushion hardware peak loads. 
Read the story from Lufthansa Technik and ITB.

What our clients say

Es fühlt sich so an wie das Arbeiten am eigenen Rechner. 
Ich habe beim interaktiven Arbeiten an den 3D-Modellen keine großen Unterschiede bemerkt, aber die Berechnung war natürlich viel schneller. Insgesamt war jederzeit ein flüssiger Ablauf der Arbeit gewährleistet.

ITB Ingenieurgesellschaft für technische Berechnungen mbH

Hardware as a Service in a nutshell

cloud services
in CADFEM Cloud
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for you

Our cloud services

Which cloud service is the right one for you? With eCADFEM Hardware as a Service, you can choose from four top cloud solutions for simulation and engineering with Ansys. This means you can count on the best cloud for your individual challenge. The CADFEM cloud team will help you with the selection process.

Technical Details

eCADFEM for AWS (eCloud) documentation

A quick PDF introduction guide is available in German and English to provide a quick overview of the key functions of the Cloud (eCADFEM for AWS). Please refer to the detailed guide for further information. You will receive the most important details about the CADFEM Cloud together with your access credentials.

Quick introduction


Activation of ports is a mandatory prerequisite for communication with the remote machines and the license servers.
Please coordinate with the IT team for setting up the necessary ports before placing an order for eCADFEM.
Activation of ports is an important prerequisite for remote graphics access to the cloud computers as well as for using your own, local licenses on the cloud system. The Remote Graphics access is via NICE DCV.

Remote graphics

The following remote graphics solutions are supported:

  • CADFEM Engineering Simulation Cloud:
    • NICE DCV 2016
  • AWS Cloud:
    • NICE DCV 2020
    • NICE DCV 2016 (for all instances started before March 13th, 2019)

Ports for accessing the cloud computers:

access to the cloud computersPorts (TCP outgoing)
NICE DCV 2020443 (optional 8443)
NICE DCV 20165900 and 7300-7399


Ports for accessing local licenses:

accessing licenses from the cloud computers1)2)Ports (TCP outgoing)3)
Ansys electronic products1056
Ansys products1056 and 2325



  1. If eCADFEM licenses are used, this is preconfigured by CADFEM.
  2. If you are using your own license server (local licenses), you must activate the same ports mentioned above (TCP incoming) and you can restrict activation at the firewall to the ports and the cloud IPs. Note that the license server must be accessible via a public IP (configure NAT if necessary); the response port, e.g. 1056, must be specified in the license file: VENDOR ansyslmd PORT=1056
  3. If you use other ports, please replace the port number(s) accordingly. The response port is key for communication with the FlexLM.


Any questions about Hardware as a Service and the eCADFEM solutions we offer?

For further information we are at your disposal. Please contact us via the form.

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