Simulation is more than Software

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Ansys Webinars

As the largest Ansys Channel Elite Partner, CADFEM GmbH recommends
the Ansys webinars to gain expert knowledge in leading simulation technologies.

Level Up with Ansys Railway Webinar Series

The railway industry is undergoing a disruptive transition: markets and regulations have become more demanding and require new technologies and business models. This influences how we work and also changes long-established development processes. Digitalization, virtual testing and simulation are essential ingredients to master those challenges.

Learn in this Ansys webinar series how the leading rail companies use simulation to drive innovation and enter the market with new technologies.

Predicting Vibration from Trains Using Ansys LS-DYNA

April 22, 2021
10 AM EDT / 3 PM BST / 7:30 PM IST

This webinar presents the use of Ansys LS-DYNA for predicting the vibration caused by trains based on wheel and rail roughness modeling. It provides examples of both structural and acoustic vibrations and the associated transfer of these to train passengers and buildings near the track.