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Simulation Conference 2021 digital: Expert Knowledge Series

A whole year of simulation.
Expertise in series - from April to December:
9 events, 9 topics, 1 format, 0 costs
Conference Language is German

In 2021, the CADFEM Ansys Simulation Conference ("CASCON") will take place digitally.
Look forward to exciting technical papers in a top-class virtual environment.

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Simulation Conference 2021 digital: Expert Knowledge Series

Additive Manufacturing - Optimized Components and Processes
Thursday, Oct 07, 2021

Spotlight on 3d printing: avoiding misprints through precise analysis and optimization of the future product and printing process
CADFEM Ansys Simulation Conference

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Simulation makes our world more sustainable.

Showering becomes a double pleasure

Water is a valuable commodity that we should handle with care. Simulation can help us - even during the morning shower. Thanks to simulation, manufacturers like Hansgrohe know every detail what happens in their shower heads.

The result: a water jet that requires little water but feels warm and pleasant at the same time. This minimizes water and energy consumption, protects the environment and makes showering twice as much fun.

For more than a decade Hansgrohe has relied on numerical simulation with Ansys tools. Whether for shower, bathtub, washbasin or kitchen: All products of the bathroom and sanitary specialist benefit from it. At Hansgrohe, environmental protection and sustainable orientation are regarded as prerequisites for long-term survival in the market.

With simulation to the shower experience

Simulation is everywhere. Also in your everyday life.

Simulation changes the world and makes it better. It is a powerful tool in our hands to successfully master challenges in industry, medicine and environmental protection.

Simulation is more than software. It is a strategic tool in the development of products and helps to improve them and drive new innovations. With our 3-perspective model, you can track down the potential of simulation in your industry. We accompany you step by step.

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Simulation makes our world safer.

The most important requirement for innumerable products is safety - also when it comes to mobility. No matter whether car, train or plane: We trust that the technology works reliably and want one thing above all - to arrive safely.

Safety-relevant components such as brakes are therefore analyzed and optimized with the help of simulation so that you can fully rely on them when it matters. Simulation thus ensures greater safety in everyday life.

Many people worldwide trust Knorr-Bremse systems every day. The leading supplier of brake products for rail and commercial vehicles relies on CADFEM simulation solutions for development. This reduces costs, shortens processing times and improves product quality.

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Simulation makes our lives more worth living.

Individualization is an important factor for prosthesis wearers. An artificial leg that fits perfectly and corresponds to one's own wishes can significantly improve the quality of life.

Simulations make such individual medical devices possible in the first place. Because they guarantee the quality and safety of a prosthesis even before it goes into 3D printing. A step into the digital age.

Mecuris GmbH has set itself the goal of re-individualising orthopaedic technology. Every patient should receive orthopaedic aids such as prostheses or orthoses that are specially adapted to their own requirements and wishes. The key to success: FE simulation and 3D printing.

Digitisation of orthopaedic technology

Simulation helps to protect our environment.

Martina Birk
Krones AG

Krones AG offers future-oriented technologies for the food and beverage industry, thus enabling high-performance, resource-conserving production. 

Every day more than 100 million plastic bottles are used worldwide. Thanks to simulation, PET bottles can be designed which require less material and can be used for longer. This protects the environment and the wallet.

Through simulation, Krones AG has succeeded in optimising the shape and wall thickness of PET bottles in such a way that they are more stable and last longer without having to forego individual designs. At the same time a significant amount of valuable plastic resources is saved. A benefit for the company and the environment.

Optimising PET bottles at Krones

Simulation accelerates IoT and Smart Home

Faster from an idea to the finalized product

BSH Hausgeräte simulates new concepts on virtual prototypes in order to calculate and evaluate numerous variants in a short time. Innovative ideas thus reach the development stage more quickly.

BSH relies on CAE support for Home Connect development: BSH uses simulations to redesign networked household appliances. They allow targeted development without tedious trial-and-error.

Simulations on the Internet of Things

Accelerating the implementation of new smart home concepts: Simulations make physical correlations visible that are difficult to measure. Thus prototypes with a higher degree of maturity are developed earlier.

BSH simulates Smart Home components

Simulation helps us to be successful.

In motorsport, performance is the most important thing. At the same time, however, cars and motorcycles must be as light and stable as possible to withstand the tough conditions. Not an easy task for designers.

Simulation is the right tool to solve this equation because it replaces cost-intensive tests with expensive test setups. Instead, different variants of a component are simulated and the results used for step-by-step optimization. The 18th consecutive Dakar Rally victory and more than 250 championship titles prove that KTM is successful.

At KTM, simulations have a firm place in motorcycle design. This enables the engineers to ensure minimum material usage and low weight, but also maximum structural and fatigue strength. The result is a bike true to the KTM motto "Ready to Race".

Simulation puts KTM on the winning track

Simulation spurs innovation and progress.

Joachim Henkel
Head of the Statics and Structural Analysis Department, Liebherr-Werk Ehingen GmbH

We have been using ANSYS as the most important strategic simulation tool in the structural-mechanical calculation and optimization of steel components for more than 30 years. The constructive and trusting partnership with CADFEM has lasted just as long. Our success proves us right: From the very beginning, we have relied on the right horse. 

The assembly of wind turbines requires cranes with a high load capacity and the lowest possible dead weight. Liebherr relies on simulations to master this challenge and develop ever lighter, faster and more powerful cranes.

From mobile and crawler cranes to tower slewing cranes and heavy-duty offshore cranes: Liebherr continuously develops innovative crane concepts according to individual customer requirements. Thanks to simulations with Ansys, ever larger crane capacities and shorter delivery times are possible.

Simulation success with heavy-duty lightweight cranes

Simulation is the solution.

Johann Soder
Managing Director, SEW-EURODRIVE GmbH & Co KG

70 % less test time on the experiment due to simulation. 

To look into the future of a product, simulations are the right solution. They can be used to reliably predict the effect a design change will have on product quality. On the one hand, product properties can be estimated and optimized at an early stage. On the other hand, tests can be selected more purposefully and their number reduced.

SEW-EURODRIVE brings movement to almost all industries with advanced drive technology. Simulation is a central element in the product development process. The family company has been using CADFEM simulation solutions for a wide range of applications and products for 30 years.

SEW simulates drive components and systems

Simulation is everywhere. Also in the universe?

Simulation does not serve a special purpose, but all of us. It makes a simple, innovative and sustainable product that saves lifes and makes people happy. At the same time, simulation increases the value of the company, because it saves costs, shortens development time and improves product quality.

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Realize your ideas. Master your challenges. Discover the potential of simulation for your company and be successful. CADFEM has the right solution.

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CADFEM is a pioneer in the application of numerical simulation in product development and a leading CAE provider, and supports Ansys users with all aspects of simulation.
CADFEM operates within a strong partner network and is part of the international CADFEM Group.

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