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Fluid Dynamics

Make flow visible with Computational Fluid Dynamics

Ansys CFD – as versatile as your requirements

Flow simulation is varied and versatile in application. Ansys knows how to provide explicit answers to all questions relating to fluid mechanics. CADFEM empowers you to carry out successful CFD simulation.

Spotlight on fluids: CFD in Product Development

Controlling Flow and Optimizing Efficiency
Thursday, May 06, 2021 | 2pm - 5pm

Business benefits of using CFD

Find out more about how industry leaders benefit from fast and reliable CFD.


times more often

than others, market leaders work with CFD analyses


development time saved with CFD

reduction in prototype costs

at Voith Turbo


Ansys CFD is one of the global market leaders

Highlights at a glance

  • Highly professional simulation tools
  • Uniquely fast software architecture
  • Maximum pragmatism in calculation
  • Continuous workflows
  • High-end solver technology
  • Excellent user interface
  • Proven support from CADFEM
Shakthivel TS
Application Engineer, CADFEM SEA Pte. Ltd.

Ansys CFD – flow simulation par excellence

Ansys CFD is one of the most powerful simulation programs in the industry. Depending on your requirements, you will need Ansys CFD Premium or Ansys CFD Enterprise. Specific solvers offer a solution for virtually any problem. We’d be happy to advise you on your specific product configuration.

Ansys CFD

Better, faster, more reliable

Ansys CFD is a unique product family that engineers around the world rely on for demanding, powerful CFD. At its heart are meaningful results and performance. A range of solvers emulate the simulation environment that is used so that development costs are actually reduced.

Product Highlights
  • Tried-and-tested solvers including Fluent, CFX, Forte, Chemkin Pro, and Polyflow
  • Many special extensions such as TurboTools for turbo machines
  • Mapping of multiphase flow and phase transitions, chemical reactions
  • Solutions for thermal management and cooling problems
  • High-performance aerodynamic calculations
  • Mapping of the interaction between fluid dynamics and structures
  • Suitable for HPC (high-performance computing)
  • Offers solution options for virtually every flow problem

Seminars on the topics of general flow simulation

All CADFEM seminars are characterized by a strong practical focus, sustained learning outcomes and a pleasant learning atmosphere.
We recommend the following seminars for general flow simulation:

Webinars on fluid mechanics

In our live webinars, you’ll receive first-hand information as well as tips and tricks for general flow simulation.

Any questions about Ansys CFD and flow simulation?

For further information we are at your disposal. Please contact us via the form.

The right solutions for your simulation projects

Simulation is everywhere and affects every industry. Since simulation requires more than software, CADFEM offers everything you need for successful simulation from a single source: software and IT solutions, consulting, support, engineering and knowledge sharing – always on the cutting edge.