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As the No. 1 training provider for CAE in Europe, CADFEM has a suitable training offer for every simulation topic. In over 100 courses & eLearning on structural mechanics, fluid mechanics, electromagnetics, and many other simulation trends, we impart know-how for every level – from basic to advanced to expert. Flexible in both format and payment, our focus is on you and your learning success.

CADFEM trainings – face-to-face, live online, in-house or as eLearning

Further education at CADFEM lives on the concrete application of simulation software. With an excellent knowledge pool and many experts working in the background, CADFEM offers target-oriented courses for every industry. Basic, advanced and expert courses build on each other and systematically improve your know-how. A fully flexible training format offers you the choice between face-to-face courses, live online courses, in-house training and eLearning.

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To give you a concrete idea of our content, methods, and instructors, we offer a free trial version of all available courses as eLearning. Try it for 30 days. No costs, no cancellation period. After trying it out, you can decide whether you would like to continue the training on the desired topic as an eLearning or a live course. You will receive the same content in your preferred training format!

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CADFEM Learning Paths

CADFEM learning pathways give simulation newcomers and experienced FEM and CFD users appropriate training concepts for achieving their individual learning goals. For HR managers, they are a valuable planning aid for systematically building precision simulation concepts within the company.

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Why CADFEM is the right partner for your professional development

For more than 35 years we have been guiding and supporting the implementation and enhancement of simulation with our customers. With our extensive training and education program, we empower you to use simulation to develop better products for tomorrow.

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  • New markets, innovative industry solutions or high-end software for specialists guarantee cutting-edge knowledge transfer
  • Basic, advanced or expert knowledge: with over 100 seminars, you will find the right training for every level
  • With the CADFEM Learning Paths, you will get an overview of which seminars you can attend on which topics
  • Flexible in both format and payment, our focus is on you and your learning success
  • Cleverly calculated: reduce costs and increase learning success with the CADFEM Learning Subscription
Xin Zhao
Technical Manager, CADFEM SEA Pte. Ltd.