Simulation is more than Software

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Precise simulation for precise watches

Watch simulation

CADFEM has acquired over the past ten years a recognized expertise in the simulation of watch parts and mechanisms. Our watchmaking experience allows us not only to support you in the implementation of simulation in your company but also to make this tool, as quickly as possible, productive in order to significantly reduce the number of prototypes.

precise watch simulation

Experience for the watchmaking industry

Recognized by the watch industry for its experience in watch calculation, CADFEM (Suisse) AG's team of engineers has been sharing its simulation know-how with watch manufacturers for 20 years. It provides watchmakers with effective tools to perform complex simulations, design more reliable products, accelerate the development process and reduce the research budget.

Indeed, simulation with Ansys facilitates the creation of many virtual prototypes, in a controlled environment where all physics are managed. These can be coupled together to facilitate the work of developers. To ensure that watch calculation is an efficient tool that is fully integrated into your research and development processes, the CADFEM team will guide you through your projects with local support.

Any questions about Watch Simulation?

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Watchmaking training courses

These training courses are based on concrete cases from the watchmaking world. Based on our experience in watch calculation, in the different physics, we transmit our know-how to you, adapted to your specific applications.

Watchmaking training courses

You have just built a watch construction but you do not know if it is correctly dimensioned. CADFEM offers you seminars specially designed to meet the needs of watch manufacturers. Our engineers will guide you through the calculations that take into account the specificities of the watchmaking world. Ansys Workbench allows you to check the strength of the parts and calculate the forces and torques acting in your assembly from the design stage.