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CFD simulation takes you higher

Flow simulation makes the fine difference between mass and class

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Flow simulation (CFD) opens you up to the world of fluid mechanics

Fluid mechanics plays a role in virtually every area of product development. Powerful CFD can help to considerably reduce the effort involved in product creation and contribute to faster development of higher quality products.

Efficient flow simulation

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than others, market leaders work with CFD analyses.
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have a “right from the outset” strategy
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understand product behavior in the conception phase

CFD today

CFD has evolved to become a very powerful tool thanks to current options and advancements in computer technology and high-performance computing. The steps that need to be taken, such as meshing, parameter entry, and evaluation, can now be completed in user-friendly, clear input masks.

Master flow – fluid dynamics

CFD is a tried-and-tested tool for the analysis of flow processes, heat transfer problems, and chemical reactions. In addition, CFD also offers reliable simulation of multiphase flow processes (e.g., water and air in a single tank) or processes involving sand, dust, or droplets. Virtually all leading manufacturers of turbomachinery use CFD to help enhance their competitiveness. The time to market is drastically reduced and the quality of the products can be improved at the same time.

Improved product understanding

The numerical flow simulation allows insights into systems which are - if at all - very complex or only locally possible within the framework of experiments. CFD allows for detailed analysis of temperatures, pressures, flow velocities, substance concentrations, etc. at any point. The resulting understanding of the processes can help to accelerate development processes, reduce costs and make products more reliable. CFD enables users to simulate numerous variants and aspects on the computer, thereby reducing the number of physical prototypes required.

Closeness to reality counts

Turbulence is the movement of fluids involving eddies over a wide range of size scales. These are crucial to ensuring high accuracy of results and must not be ignored. Ansys CFD offers a wide range of proven and validated turbulence models.

Specific industry applications


The simulation of turbomachinery is a typical area of application for numerical flow simulation. To be successful, it’s important that the product group is homogeneous, both in terms of physics and the relevant simulation methods.

multiphase flows

Multiphase flows are common. They can be found in nature, in everyday life, in technology, or industry. We come across them in injection processes, when filling or emptying containers, in the sloshing of liquids in tanks, and when coating/wetting surfaces with liquids, etc.

Thermal management

Thermal management means cooling, heating, tempering. Virtually every component, machine, and plant has its own unique challenges and issues. Cooling is something virtually every manufacturer has to grapple with.

The right solution for you

CADFEM is your ideal partner for Ansys CFD - the comprehensive product bundle for flow simulation.

  • CADFEM supports you with expert know-how to gain a maximum benefit from the implementation and application of Ansys CFD.
  • CADFEM training on the use of CFD introduces you step by step to the simulation of fluid dynamics, heat transfer, cooling tasks, turbulence modeling or industrial mixing processes - just to name a few examples.
  • The support of pilot projects has proven to be very useful as a basis for the definition of simulation procedures in your company.
  • With the ANSYS CFD Premium or ANSYS CFD Enterprise bundles, two all-inclusive packages are available for flow simulation on an industrial scale. Ansys CFD Pro enables a quick entry into the world of CFD.

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Learn more about CFD in our Training

CADFEM's advanced training offering for flow simulation provides simulation expertise you can count on. Our comprehensive offering ranges from an introductory course on flow simulation with Ansys Fluent to Multiphase Flow to Fluid-Structure Interaction with Ansys CFD and Mechanical. You want to optimize your CFD geometry or deal with mixing processes, turbulence models or aeroacoustic simulation? In our store you will find the suitable seminar for these and other CFD topics!

Here we present our most popular CFD seminars:

The right solutions for your simulation projects

Simulation is everywhere and affects every industry. Since simulation requires more than software, CADFEM offers everything you need for successful simulation from a single source: software and IT solutions, consulting, support, engineering and knowledge sharing – always on the cutting edge.