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Training & eLearning for Electromagnetic Simulation

Learn LF and RF simulation from the #1 training provider

The CADFEM program for electromagnetics offers simulation expertise you can count on. Are you involved in the development of electric motors, generators, transformers as well as sensors, antennas, or other electronic products? We can provide you with the right training for your electromagnetic simulations. Within the wide range of advanced trainings offered by CADFEM, you will find basic courses for introduction to RF simulation with Ansys HFSS or simulation of electromagnetic fields with Ansys Maxwell, everything about electric motors, PCB designs with SIwave or thermal management. From Python scripting in Ansys Maxwell to the design of inductive heat treatment processes by simulation, experienced engineers benefit from the many years of know-how of our instructors in both the advanced and expert courses.

Depending on your level of experience, you can take part in basic, advanced, or expert courses.

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