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Simulation in separation technology

Short, compact and free of charge: Get an overview of separation processes in process engineering production plants in just a few minutes

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Separation processes are a central component of a process engineering production plant. In this webinar, special features of thermal and mechanical separation technology are discussed. The processes can be simulated as a temporally and spatially resolved process. Numerical methods are used to solve equations of fluid mechanics, particle dynamics and thermodynamics. Simulation enables better design of machines and processes - faster, cheaper and more sustainable development and production.


In this brief and compact webinar, you will learn more about the benefits of simulation.

The same physical principles apply to the design of separation processes in industries such as pharmaceuticals, chemicals, recycling or mining, which is why various applications can be analyzed using physics-based modeling.

Separation processes: Centrifugal separation, drying, filtration, crystallization, magnetic sorting. The processes are understood with the help of mass and thermal transport, fluid dynamics, particle dynamics, thermodynamics, and electrodynamics.

Target Group

Engineers and specialists in companies, research institutes and universities involved in process engineering


Dr.-Ing. Thomas Köllner
Application Engineer, CADFEM Germany GmbH, Grafing

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