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Developing high-performance laser systems

Keeping structural mechanical and thermal influences under control

Save time in the development with Ansys Zemax OpticStudio

Are you working in the field of high-performance laser systems and looking for solutions to better understand and simulate structural and thermal influences on your optical components? Discover the benefits of the Ansys Zemax OpticalStudio STAR module and revolutionize your workflows. Gain insights into how to create comprehensive workflows for developing, analyzing, and optimizing complete optical systems to efficiently integrate your structural mechanical and thermal data.

In this whitepaper, you will discover the five phases of high-performance laser system development. Gain comprehensive insights into virtual testing using finite element analysis (FEA). Special focus: the optimization potential of workflows with integrated Zemax tools - including the OpticStudio STAR module. Learn more about how you can achieve time savings with Zemax and minimize the risk of errors in the development process using the STOP analysis.

The following content awaits you:

  • Comprehensive insights into Zemax and the OpticStudio STAR module - benefits and concrete use cases.
  • How to easily keep thermal and structural mechanical influences under control when developing high-performance laser systems.
  • Description of the five phases of high-performance laser system development in virtual testing using FEA.
  • How CADFEM provides you with concrete support in this area and takes the next steps with you.

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