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Power Electronics

Recording of the CADFEM Elektromagnetics Technology Day 2021


Electric Drives - Power Electronics

Recording of the Technology Day "Power Electronics" from June 18th, 2021.

Content of the webcast

Right now, we are in the center of the storm hitting the automobile industry: The E-mobility is arriving in all households. Also, in other industry sectors controlled motors play a significant role. Whoever designs an electric motor, must consider the power electrics, as the whole system must fulfill higher demands. With higher revolution speed, switching speed and data rates will rise. Additionally, the package envelope gets smaller, and all components have to be lighter, more efficient and low-cost.

01:00 – 01:15Opening
01:15 – 01:55Vergleich zwischen hardware- und simulationsbasiertem Entwicklungsprozess am Beispiel eines WBG-Leistungsmoduls
Holger Gerstner (Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated System and Device Technology IISB)
01:55 – 02:35 Zuverlässige Elektronikbaugruppen entwickeln - Design for Reliablity
Frank Weiand (CADFEM GmbH)
02:35 – 02:50Break
02:50 – 03:30Neue Möglichkeiten in Maxwell zur Simulation von Leistungselektronik
Rene Fuger (CADFEM Austria GmbH)
03:30 – 04:10"Wie bleiben Sie cool?" Kühlkonzepte mit Ansys Discovery entwerfen und überprüfen
Lucas Ziegler (CADFEM GmbH)
04:10 – 04:15Conclusion and Outlook

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