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Inductive heating and microstructure transformation

Multiphysics coupling within the numerical simulation for the thermal post-treatment of steels

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Inductive heating has established itself when it comes to heat treatment of hardened components, owing to the clean, reproducible process management, the high transferable power density and the excellent controllability of the heat zone. Optimally determining the inductor shape, the related current strength and frequency for the desired temperature profile and the resulting microstructure transformation is a challenging task.  

Using a finite element simulation with ANSYS Multiphysics, the high-frequency field, the induced eddy currents and the local heating outputs, as well as the resulting temperature fields, can be determined even on the virtual prototype. ANSYS offers selective field coupling for a precise and economic simulation for magnetic and thermal material properties’ strong dependency on the temperature with very different time scales for the magnetic field simulation and the temperature field simulation. The temperature profile determined in this manner forms the basis for a subsequent microstructure simulation, so the entire work process – from the current to the modified microstructure – can be predicted and optimized in advance by the virtual heat treatment in the simulations.  

This webinar will give you an insight into simulation and optimization of inductive heating and microstructure transformation with ANSYS using the typical work steps as a basis.


Discover the possibilities offered by electromagnetic, thermal and mechanical coupled simulations.

Target Group

Users of electrothermal processes


  • Modeling  
    What is the modeling difference between electromagnetic and thermal models? 
  • Results transfer  
    How does bidirectional coupling work and why is it necessary? 
  • Meshing  
    What does adequate meshing for inductive heating processes look like? 
  • Use of AIM  
    What options does AIM (ANSYS Integrated Multiphysics) offer for depicting inductive heating processes? 


The language of the Webinar is German.

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