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Road to nonlinear simulation - Is it really that complicated?

Look beyond linear simulation and analyze the world as it is: non-linear!

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Is it still fashionable to linearize everything in the analysis? The main advantage of linear analyses, the low computation time, is becoming less important due to high performance computing, an efficient and robust solver, and advanced simulation methods. In addition, with the non-linear simulation, the question of the admissibility of the linearization, which is difficult for the user to answer, and the danger of overlooking catastrophic effects are eliminated.


The presentation motivates to analyze the world as it is: nonlinear. The different nonlinearities: large deformations, contact and nonlinear material properties will be presented in an overview with typical tasks. Tips on how, for example, to represent elastomers in a meaningful way even before conducting material tests or how to use earlier expert features such as adaptive remeshing with just a few settings are intended to make you hungry to enter the world of nonlinear simulation.

Target Group

  • Users 
  • Decision maker 
  • Generally interested 
  • Designers 


  • Comprehensive insight into the path towards nonlinear simulation 
  • Practical overview of various tasks 
  • Advantages of nonlinear simulation 



The language of the Webinar is German.

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