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Optimal particle flow in household appliances and vacuum cleaner systems

Use DEM simulation to optimally guide the fluid forces in household appliances and thereby gain maximum efficiency.

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Household appliances and vacuum cleaner systems often have a long list of specifications: In addition to the basic tasks such as suction, separation, mixing, crushing, the design also plays a specific role, just like energy efficiency and low noise.

Especially when considering the latest generation of devices with high energy efficiency or battery-powered devices, the optimal generation and guidance of the flow is mandatory. With fluid and particle simulation you can answer these questions based on physics.

Join us in looking at the interaction of arbitrarily shaped particles with fluids as they occur in household appliances and vacuum cleaner systems. This includes multiphase processes such as air-water-particle mixtures, the aspiration of particles and subsequent separation from the flow, and the comminution of particles in liquid-laden mixers.


Use particle and fluid simulation to better understand capture, separation and mixing processes and develop your products more efficiently. ROCKY DEM, based on the Discrete Element Method (DEM), allows you to model processes realistically to gain deeper insights.

Target Group

Users, decision-makers, generally interested parties


  • Overview DEM method and fluid coupling
  • Application example: Kitchen appliances
  • Application example: vacuum cleaner
  • Live demonstration ROCKY DEM


The language of the Webinar is German.

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