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Simulation and technical implementation of asymmetric toothings in plant engineering

Experience the simulation with Ansys tools and the technical implementation of asymmetric toothing in plant engineering.

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A large number of rolling mills in steel processing are operated with a continuous material flow direction. Asymmetric toothings are recommended for this type of application. The basic principle of asymmetric toothings is based on different pressure angles. The optimization objective when selecting the pressure angle is to reduce the tooth root stresses and Hertzian contact stress.


In this presentation, you will experience how the stress state was analyzed with a 2D contact model for one intervention period and then the interference effect for helical toothings was transferred to a 3D contact model. Based on the results, the macro-geometry of the toothings was optimized for applications in rolling mill drive trains. The results of the theoretical analyses were then implemented in the production of a prototype.

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  • Experience a comprehensive insight into Creo Parametric PTC as well as Ansys Mechanical 2020 R2 for the 2D and 3D FEM simulations. 
  • You will gain a practical insight into the complex process and experience how the 42t prototype with asymmetric toothings is operated in the hot strip production line of Salzgitter Flachstahl GmbH 



The language of the Webinar is German.

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