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State of the art in fluid simulation with Ansys CFD

ANSYS CFD brings together all the tools to conduct both quick (instantaneous) and in-depth flow analyses.

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ANSYS CFD brings together all the appropriate tools to obtain precise boundary conditions on a structural model (convection coefficient, pressure, force, heat source, ...) and to carry out in-depth flow analyses (multi-phase, turbulence, fluid-structure interaction, thermodynamics, diffusion, combustion, chemistry, electro-hydrodynamics,). Associated with ANSYS Simplorer, ANSYS CFD enables the transient analysis of components integrated in a 1D system diagram (e.g. pneumatic or hydraulic) to be presented. While with ANSYS Discovery, the new interface, the calculation of flows (CFD) is made accessible to all engineers.


This webinar, illustrated with concrete examples from different industries, allows you to discover the latest and most productive fluid simulation methods.

Target Group

This webinar is aimed at all manufacturers and engineers from all industrial fields.


  • Intuitive instantaneous transient simulation with ANSYS Discovery
  • Areas of application CFD:
  • hydraulics, pneumatics, pressure drop
  • Multiphase, mixtures, particles, spray
  • Fluid Structure Interaction (FSI)
  • Physical and chemical reactions, erosion
  • Thermodynamics, Cooling
  • Aero-acoustics
  • Turbines
  • System, circuits, digital twins
  • Fluent Water Tight Meshing Workflow (targeted geometric defeaturing, mosaic meshing and simulation in record time without compromising accuracy)


The language of the Webinar is French.

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