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Welding simulation with Ansys Mechanical from CADFEM and Mécanium

Simulation and testing are complementary in the case of industrial welds, here is an example.

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Welding is present in virtually all mechanical and sheet metal industries. As mechanical designs become increasingly complex, welding processes must be optimised and efficient while meeting quality control criteria. The use of numerical simulation is the only way to predict difficulties and optimise the design phase. However, this does not exclude the use of tests to validate and/or calibrate the welding simulation model. Characterisation of the materials used is also necessary to feed the simulation model correctly.


This webinar illustrates the implementation of a concrete test case based on material characterization, simulation methodology and experimental tests.

Target Group

This webinar is for all designers and engineers from all industrial fields interested in welding simulation and mechanical design.


  • Material characterisation by Mecanium
  • Methodology of thermal simulation of TIG welding and post-processing of results on an Inconel shell
  • Setting up the numerical model
  • Post-processing of the temperature field and residual stresses
  • Presentation of the experimental test on this shell
  • Measurements during the welding operation
  • Field measurements after welding


The language of the Webinar is French.

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