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Rethinking standard simulation processes

New dimensions in product development with live simulation and automation

Evaluate hundreds of product variants in a few minutes

Innovation as crisis protection - many companies are currently stepping up the pace of their product development. Improved processes are to be used more quickly, and new models are to be launched on the market sooner. Until now, development engineers have been held back by the computing speed of simulation applications. But the combination of new technologies can shorten the path to the optimal product from days to just a few hours.

Watch the video to find out how WITTENSTEIN cyber Motor GmbH has broken new ground in optimising the cooling concept for electric motors.

In just a few minutes, Kai Schneider will show you how different designs can be calculated and evaluated in a short time using a large number of variables. The procedure for this optimization method is described and the benefits for rapid development of the cooling concept for an electric motor are demonstrated.


Daniel Soukup
CAE Engineer, CADFEM Germany GmbH, Grafing

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