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Products in Motion

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Products in Motion

Recording of the Technology Day "Products in Motion" from July 1st, 2021.

Due to long computation times in "conventional" transient analyses, different expressions have been established over time. Furthermore, ongoing infrastructural developments are further fueling the market. These are based on different formulations of the degrees of freedom (FEM/MKS) or integration methods (implicit/explicit). These factors are further anticipated to foster the growth of market until 2025.

Technology Day – Products in Motion

This technology day bridges the gap between the gray theory and the colorful everyday life of computational engineers from a wide range of industries and applications. The focus was on the practical application of the software as an idea generator and supporter in finding solutions.

 You can expect exciting presentations from users on all aspects of dynamics. Whether in the field of multi-body simulation or up to vibration analysis of machine tools, there is something for everyone. You will see the most diverse applications with which computational engineers deal in their everyday simulation work and which solution strategies were necessary in order to be able to evaluate a structure and derive improvements at the end.

Content of the Webcast

Dynamik-Simulation in der Fahrzeugentwicklung
Klaus Dreßler (Fraunhofer ITWM)

Statik war gestern - Implizite Strukturdynamik in der Welt von Ansys
Uli Stelzmann (CADFEM)

A (time)step into the world of Explicit analysis
Alex Pett (Ansys)

Multi-body dynamics as a role of system engineering
Daesung Bae (VirtualMotion)

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