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Braun simulates for optimized operating behavior

Dr.-Ing. Braun

Dr.-Ing. Ernst Braun GmbH develops electric machines, drives and control units – and has been relying on CADFEM simulation solutions for many years already.

Braun simulates for optimized operating behavior

Dr.-Ing. Ernst Braun GmbH from Biberach an der Riss specializes in the development of rotating electric machines. The company, which was founded in 1962, has a client list including SMEs and well-known global players – in total, over 500 manufacturers of electric machines and devices into which electric motors and control units are integrated. 
Its range of services comprises electromagnetic and structural mechanics simulation as well as design, manufacturing consulting, prototyping and machine testing. The latest development trends are incorporated to ensure each design results in optimally adapted operating behavior.

Dr.-Ing. Ernst Braun GmbH and CADFEM

Walter Braun, who manages the company together with his brother Michael Braun, also who also completed an engineering PhD, is convinced of the benefits of using modern simulation technology: “Nowadays, machine efficiency – in other words, achieving the highest possible effectiveness – is what really matters in development. This represents a perpetual challenge for us in our electrical simulation work. The use of FEM simulations has become integral to field calculations. While our conventional methods and programs for calculating electromagnetic fields are certainly versatile, they do not work with complex designs.”
As examples of the limits of conventional programs, Dr. Braun mentioned cooling ducts and flat areas, the use of embedded magnets, and magnets without a constant air gap. “Conventional programs cannot usefully simulate any bottlenecks present from a structural mechanics or electromagnetics perspective. That is why we invested in simulation programs for magnetic field calculations back in 1991. For more than 15 years now, we have been using Ansys Maxwell for this, as we have been thoroughly impressed by this tool’s capabilities.”
However, Dr. Braun and his employees have long relied on coupling electromagnetic calculations with mechanical simulations as well. Dr. Braun explains: “Where embedded magnets are involved, mechanical strength is crucial, especially at high speeds, but so too is the electromagnetic optimization required to minimize magnetic flux loss.”

Results within minutes

Dr. Braun believes the significance of simulation technology in the product development process will continue to grow – not least due to the ever-increasing performance of the available solutions: “The boost in performance with FEM simulation from the hardware and software is impressive. Nowadays, results are often available in a matter of minutes, which means that we can simulate a range of variants in a short time and take many different requirements into consideration.” 
The company has been working closely with CADFEM for many years. The knowledge transfer, user support and comprehensive services available any time as needed are also key to the Dr.-Ing Ernst Braun GmbH team’s long-term successful use of its simulation technologies.

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