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FKM inside Ansys

Strength verifications according to FKM in ANSYS Mechanical

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Structural mechanics
Structural mechanics

Use FKM inside ANSYS to perform strength verifications for non-welded and welded components in ANSYS Mechanical

The FKM guideline “Computational strength verification for machine components” is a verification procedure developed by the Forschungskuratorium Maschinenbau (FKM) for various applications in mechanical engineering and other industries.  With FKM inside Ansys, the software-supported verification is carried out quickly and conveniently. The stresses are automatically extracted, and calculations are carried out in accordance with the guidelines. In addition to a plot of the result for all positions, a complete report can be generated.  The current 7th edition of the verification is applied. The verification can be carried out for unwelded as well as welded structures. For welds, the structural stress concept or a local nominal stress concept is used depending on the modelling.

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