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Explicit dynamics with Ansys LS-DYNA

Presentation of ANSYS LS-DYNA as Workbench-integrated tool for the solution of strongly non-linear tasks in structural mechanics

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The webinar is aimed at users who need a tool to solve complex non-linear tasks. Here ANSYS LS-DYNA with its explicit solution method is suitable, both for dynamic and quasi-static analyses. The theoretical basics and their effect on the applications are briefly explained.  By means of typical tasks the advantages and disadvantages of this solver are discussed and the handling within ANSYS Workbench is presented. As an outlook, the latest developments in the field of mesh free methods are also presented and their potential in the simulation of complex processes with material separation or also with strongly coupled fluid-structure interaction is shown.


Recognize possible solutions for strongly non-linear tasks in structural dynamics and statics. The webinar explains in which cases ANSYS LS-DYNA with its explicit time integration can be used efficiently. The special strengths of LS-DYNA in comparison to and in combination with ANSYS Mechanical are highlighted.

Target Group

Users with highly nonlinear tasks in statics and dynamics, who typically already have experience with ANSYS Mechanical, but also newcomers in the field of crash/impact or forming.


  • Application spectrum of LS-DYNA: From highly dynamic impact problems to quasi-static forming processes
  • The special features of explicit time integration in theory and application
  • Integration of LS-DYNA in ANSYS Workbench: consistently workflow from geometry to post-processing
  • Outlook: Mesh-free methods for the description of material separation up to fluid-structure interaction


The language of the Webinar is German.

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