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Safely packaged - Efficient and damage-free packaging

So that nothing misses or breaks: understand and optimize transport and packaging processes with particle simulation.

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Whether net, bag, box, bottle, blister, or roll, in the food and packaging industry the safe and damage-free packaging of a wide variety of goods is an important task. Physics-based simulation enables you to analyze transport and packaging processes in advance and to identify potential sources of error at an early stage.

Particle simulation with Rocky DEM is able to represent both the bulk material and the packaging as well as the processing machines in all details. Thereby the representability of:

  • complex shaped goods and machines,
  • coupled kinematic,
  • elastic and fragile particles and packaging.

Convince yourself of the possibilities of the particle simulation Rocky DEM in the food and packaging industry.


Use particle simulation to map and optimize industrial processing and packaging processes. Accurately capture the stresses on your bulk materials and the interactions with your machinery and packaging, and evaluate new designs before you build your first prototype.

Target Group

Users, decision-makers, generally interested parties


  • Overview DEM method with complex shaped particles.
  • Application example: Bottle transport and separation
  • Application example: Bag packaging
  • Live Demonstration Rocky DEM


The language of the Webinar is German.

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