Simulation is more than Software

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Design, simulate and manufacture next-generation fiber composites using additive manufacturing

9T Labs introduces digital workflow of structural carbon composites.



For composites, Ansys 2020 R2 offers new features that perfectly match 9T Labs innovative manufacturing solution. In this webinar hosted by CADFEM and 9T Labs you will learn the most important facts. In contrast to manual manufacturing processes, automated production methods are proving to be promising approaches for cost-effective series production of CFRP applications. Without the integrated use of structural simulation, the potential of fiber composite materials cannot be exploited. In this webinar, 9T Labs will present how the combination of automation and intelligent software in digital series production can optimize component behavior and production costs.


  • Digitization and automation of composite manufacturing
  • FibrifyTM Design Suite
  • Ansys Workbench - ACP
  • Demo optimization
  • FibrifyTM Production
  • Q&A

Target Group

  • Metal and CFRP design teams who want to learn more about innovative CFRP manufacturing and simulation
  • Universities and research institutes active in CFRP 3D printing, manufacturing and design


Do you want to learn how digital prototyping works and better understand the mechanical behaviour of anisotropic materials? Then this webinar is for you. It includes increasing component performance through optimized fiber alignment and saving time through integrated simulations.


Martin Eichenhofer
9T Labs
CADFEM expert
CADFEM GmbH, Grafing


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