Simulation is more than Software

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Career-advancing, part-time further training in technical simulation

Expertise for new areas of application. With continuing academic education, you combine current research findings with industry expertise.

Upgrade your career
  • For participants with professional experience
  • International, given in English
  • Practical course content
Gain direct insights

Master’s concept and university certificates

Module, certificate and master’s programs offer career-advancing, part-time further education options in the area of numerical simulation. CADFEM esocaet cooperates with various universities that offer relevant courses with contemporary learning concepts.

Professional development by means of academic courses

Engineering simulation will be one of the key technologies for the years ahead. Experts in this field are more sought-after than ever, especially for new and demanding fields of activity. The part-time degree courses are specifically tailored towards professionals in engineering, natural sciences and industrial engineering.

Designed for professionals

selected universities
in Germany, Switzerland and India
learn together in small groups
months parallel to job
depending on selected program

Learn from simulation experts from science and practice

Enjoy professional discussions with lecturers and peers

Spend only a few days at university in intensive blocks

Access educational materials from our online campus anytime

Academic qualification programs

  • 5 ECTS creditsMaster’s modules

    Each module focuses on one numerical simulation topic. This allows you to link current research findings with real questions from your use of simulation in a professional setting.

  • Up to 15 ECTS creditsCertifications & CAS

    Compact certificates combine suitable master's modules in one area. You thereby acquire knowledge on the use of simulation in a specific area of application.

    Certificates & CAS
  • 90 ECTS creditsMaster’s degree

    The dual master’s degree is designed as a part-time program lasting two years and is aimed at computational engineers, designers, and project managers involved in simulation.

    Master’s course

What esocaet alumni are saying

Dr. Cornelia Santner
Development engineer, Ansaldo Energia Switzerland AG

By attending the CAS CFD course, I was able to deepen my knowledge of flow simulation. I benefit from this every day in my job as a development engineer.

Dr.-Ing. Peter Blankenhorn
Lead developer of textile machines, Wilhelm Stahlecker GmbH (WST)

My master's thesis results made a direct impact on the development project. I then had the opportunity to continue my master's investigations for a doctoral dissertation.

Dr.-Ing. Frank Brehmer
Managing director, ITB Ingenieurgesellschaft für technische Berechnungen mbH

The added value for us as a company lies in the fact that we were in a position to implement our first flow simulation projects immediately after the course ended. We take a very positive view of the compact course format and intensive knowledge transfer within one semester.

Roman Eichner
Project engineer, Stryker GmbH & Co. KG

Studying at esocaet offers me the ideal introduction to simulation by explaining the mathematics behind the simulation algorithms. This means that I can quickly deliver reliable results in my work on the development project and offer the project team a good basis for strategic decision-making.

Anton Melnikow
SBS Bühnentechnik, SBS Bühnentechnik GmbH

The part-time concept allows new approaches to be used immediately in ongoing projects, and the questions that then arise can be dealt with very quickly during the in-person blocks or even via email.

Michael Vorndran
SAS Ingenieurbüro AG

I found the course very tough, but in addition to the new friendships made, I was also able to come away with an incredible level of knowledge about current simulation methods. I’m now not only a software user, but I finally also understand the processes running in the background.

Short study courses

Master’s modules and certificate programs are aimed at participants with a university degree, whether that be a bachelor’s, master’s, diploma or doctorate. The focus is on improved understanding and on opening up new areas of application. Quickly added value is guaranteed thanks to the maximum duration of six months and the link to a specific project.

For beginners

The combination of certificate course and seminar is perfect for a solid introduction to CFD or FEM simulation.

For experts

Have you already successfully completed a master’s? A short course is an effective way to learn more about a specific area.

Lifelong learning

You can collect ECTS points for successful completion and have them accredited towards a future master’s degree.

Master’s course in Simulation-Based Engineering

Engineering simulation is one of the key technologies for the years ahead. Experts in this field are more sought-after than ever, especially for new and demanding fields of activity. The part-time course is specifically tailored towards professionals in engineering, natural sciences and industrial engineering.

For students

Complete a bachelor’s degree and gain professional experience. Is simulation right for you? Then the master’s allows you to study and earn a salary.

For professionals

Want to understand tasks better, keep knowledge up to date or expand your career options? You will meet like-minded people in the master’s course.

For companies

Professional development via academic courses is a hidden champion for systematic staff development and acquiring sought-after junior staff.

Is your company looking for qualified computational engineers?

The Professional Development team would be pleased to advise you on how you can use further training specifically for staff development and to attract specialists.