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CADFEM AI Solutions

Our portfolio: AI is diverse - just like the tasks for which it is used. That's why we offer various solutions with CADFEM AI.

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AI Solutions

CADFEM AI stands for the optimal and individual combination of one or more powerful AI solutions and AI services by CADFEM and partners. Our portfolio of AI solutions at a glance.

Ansys SimAI

Cloud only solution for large enterprise

With Ansys SimAI, we are enabling product engineers and designers to leverage their previous simulation and measurement data to assess the performance of new designs in minutes instead of hours.

Ansys AI+

Add-On product delivering AI functions

With Ansys AI+, Ansys incorporates AI features within its industry-leading desktop products to enhance core functionalities. E.g. users will be able to perform efficient optimization, with advanced field and scalar ML-based meta-models.

Ansys GPT

Support tool for Ansys Users

AnsysGPT is a virtual assistant that garners engineering expertise across physics domains, provides 24/7 comprehensive technical support, and reduces response times.


general-purpose on-premise solution for engineering AI applications

STOCHOS is a unique PI algorithm, which combines expert independence, efficient utilization of computing resources, and high quality results.

AI in digital engineering - ready for the revolution?

June 18th, 2024 | 11-12
Sarah Yvonne Elsser and our guests discussed the challenges involved - from technical know-how to integration into existing work processes.

Dr. Kevin Cremanns Co-Founder & Chief Research & Development Officer, PI Probaligence GmbH
Dr. Kevin Cremanns
Co-Founder & Chief Research & Development Officer, PI Probaligence GmbH

STOCHOS was designed for non-AI experts and - to put it bluntly - works at the push of a button. This means that SMEs without AI experts can also use the technology.


Offers outstanding prediction accuracy even with a small database due to the combined approach of neural networks and Gaussian processes. STOCHOS is also characterized by its ability to reliably evaluate real and noisy data from a wide variety of sources, including measured values, simulation results and relevant key figures, and even to combine them in a meaningful and resource-efficient way.

The core of STOCHOS is the DIM-GP algorithm (DIM-GP = Deep Infinite Mixture of Gaussian Processes; this globally unique algorithm combines the advantages of two normally opposing AI approaches, neural networks and Gaussian processes. The resulting non-stationary, probabilistic model is infinitely scalable - it no longer requires hyperparameter tuning and processes data of any dimensionality with minimal hardware requirements and without cloud computing. (Image: PI Probaligence GmbH)

The right solution for you

With CADFEM AI, we accompany you competently with tools and services on your way into the world of artificial intelligence.

  • Benefit from CADFEM's know-how and strong partnership with PI Probaligence and Ansys combined with our expertise in AI, ML, simulation and digitalization in engineering. Empowered by a comprehensive approach.
  • Personal contacts with in-depth practical knowledge in the areas of customization, programming, process integration of ML algorithms and simulation data and process management.
  • Experience from many implementation and development projects for customers of all sizes and with a wide variety of requirement profiles and use cases.

What can we do for you? We look forward to talking to you.

Ralph Hohenwarter
Business Development Manager ML/KI, CADFEM Germany GmbH, Grafing