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Analyze, understand and improve mechanical process engineering

Ansys Rocky is the solution for particle simulation

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Particle simulation in mechanical process engineering with Ansys Rocky

The realistic modeling of any shape and size of solids is the secret to Rocky’s success. Combined with the use of multi-GPU and CPU computing power, you get the best results in the shortest time with full integration within Ansys.

Ansys Rocky – next-generation simulation

Software for every kind of particle, solid and component

What is Rocky?

Rocky is a professional software package for realistically simulating material flows and machining processes. Wide-ranging simulation possibilities allow users to draw comprehensive conclusions on the system as a whole. In addition, Rocky is extremely fast and precise.

Product Highlights

  • Fast due to unique multi-GPU usage
  • Precise thanks to realistic representation of particles
  • Comprehensive due to tight coupling with Ansys
  • Independent thanks to integrated multi-body simulation (MBD)
  • Powerful with models up to 100 million parts
01:05 minAnsys Rocky: powerful and flexible particle dynamic simulation

Ansys Rocky - Redefining Particle Simulation

Experts in particle simulation

CADFEM is the right partner when it comes to single parts

For more than 35 years, we have been ensuring the successful introduction of simulation at our customers’ sites - from engineering offices to large corporations. As your trusted partner, we support you step by step - with enhanced technical support and strategic consulting - so you can achieve your long-term goals. We help you design your particle processing machines more efficiently and quickly.

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Severin Brunner
Sales, CADFEM (Suisse) AG, Aadorf

Success stories with Ansys Rocky

“The best thing about Rocky DEM has to be its speed and realistic modeling of particle shapes. This allows us to precisely simulate with the exact number of particles in just the distribution, size and shape they will be when used later. This knowledge from the experimental studies is the biggest advantage of using Rocky DEM for us.”

Preetanshu Pandey, Ph.D. Principal Scientist at Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMS)

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