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The art of simplification!

Scalable reduction of complex 3D FEM models with Model Reduction inside Ansys

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Model Reduction inside Ansys – model reduction for faster calculations

The high level of detail of complex FEA models is important for the accuracy of the components. For an efficient dynamic simulation and system simulation, Model reduction is the state of the art. With Model Reduction inside Ansys, the number of degrees of freedom can be reduced, so that a multiphysics system simulation becomes feasible.

Product Description

Software solution for model simplification in partial and system simulations

Model simplification via Model Reduction inside Ansys is suitable for optimization strategies in component development as well as for integrating compact models into an overall system simulation in the fields of electronics, automotive or microsystems. Despite reduction, the examination parameters are retained, which means fast results can be achieved with regards to designs and system simulations.

Highlights at a glance

  • Krylov-based model order reduction for Ansys
  • Making large models manageable: reduction of a model with 1 million degrees of freedom to a compact model with a size of 100 degrees of freedom
  • Significantly faster assessment of transient and harmonic simulations
  • Use of the reduced-order model in system simulations, e.g. Ansys Twin Builder or MATLAB/Simulink
  • Transfer of the simplified model into the VHDL-AMS or Spice languages
  • Transfer of linear models from Ansys Mechanical into Model Reduction inside Ansys, especially for thermomechanical, thermoelectric or piezoelectric models.

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Training and Webinars for Model Reduction inside Ansys

These Training and Webinars will provide you with an insight into the generation of reduced-order models (ROMs) for structural mechanics, fluid mechanics, electromagnetics and heat transfer, as well as the integration into system simulations with 3D models, control and embedded software.

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