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Our know-how in your simulations

Guided Work

Are you starting a new simulation project and not sure how to proceed? Are you not making any progress in your current project? Our Guided Work offer will empower you to run your own simulations efficiently in the shortest possible time.

Why Guided Work inspires our customers

Work at CADFEM for a specific period of time and receive application-specific support for your project. A qualified simulation engineer will support you in the following tasks:

  • Selection of the best type of analysis
  • Idealization of your model
  • Definition of boundary conditions
  • Settings for an efficient numerical solution
  • Review and discussion of the model and results

We support you with our valuable CAE know-how and enable you to efficiently solve your current and future simulation tasks.

Many companies, from SMEs to global corporations, have already benefited from CADFEM Guided Work and are enthusiastic about our offer.

Dr. sc. Jörg Helfenstein
Head of Seminars, CADFEM (Suisse) AG, Aadorf


  • Increase your product knowledge with CADFEM simulation know-how.
  • Perfect follow-up after one of our seminars, you will learn how to apply your newly acquired simulation know-how to your own product.
  • Get exclusive support for your current project from a qualified simulation engineer.

We will not leave you alone even after attending a seminar! What distinguishes Guided Work

We make our entire simulation know-how available to you for your projects.

Second opinion

Benefit from our experience and get a second opinion on your simulation project: Which model type is suitable for your question, which program settings let the model calculate efficiently, how to interpret the results,...

Meeting demand

Guided Work is billed on an hourly basis, i.e. you will only be charged for the time you effectively need our support.

More than Support

With Guided Work, we can accompany you throughout your entire simulation project. Whatever phase you need support in, a simulation expert assigned to you is there for you.


Maxime Boesiger
Project Engineer Product & Process Development, Oetiker Schweiz AG

Guided Work allowed us to have a focused approach to a new and complex simulation topic and to expand our knowledge quickly and in a practice-oriented manner. Due to the local and task-specific support the time was used efficiently and the quality of the simulation was ensured. Not only were our specific questions answered, but confidence in the simulation and in our own abilities was also strengthened.

Any questions about Guided Work?

For further information we are at your disposal. Please contact us via the form.


What is billed?

Guided Work is billed on a time and material basis, i.e. only the time you are supported by a simulation expert is billed. At least 2 hours are billed per Guided Work day.

Where do you work?

Guided Work is offered in the CADFEM offices (Aadorf (TG) and Renens (VD)). CADFEM provides a workstation, a workstation and licenses.

Does CADFEM archive the simulation models?

No! The customer is responsible for archiving the models and other relevant data.