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CADFEM Conference 2024 Rapperswil - June 20th

CADFEM Conference 2024 Rapperswil

Attend this unique event on simulation

Why should you register to the CADFEM Conference 2024?

It is a unique event on simulation
This on-site event offers attendees, lectures delivered by engineers, from all Swiss industry, working in the R&D departments using Ansys simulation software. It is an opportunity to hear about real simulation projects and to personally engage with CADFEM engineers. Attendees can vote for the best presentation and network with peers from different industrial companies during breaks, lunch, or the apero at the end of the conference.

Participation is free, reservations are mandatory. So don't forget to register !

Topics of the conference

  • structural mechanics,
  • fluid dynamics,
  • AI and simulation
  • automation (Python based applications)
  • digital twins,
  • electromagnetics,
  • machine tool development,
  • composite


27 companies present their projects

  • ABB Switzerland Ltd
  • Bühler AG
  • Tribecraft AG
  • Zimmer GmbH
  • inspire AG / MORe Simulations
  • RBF Morph srl
  • OST Rapperswil
  • RhySearch

And many more!


OST – Ostschweizer Fachhochschule, Campus Rapperswil : A modern and innovative education institution ideally situated between Rapperswil train station and Lake Zurich with a unique machine park on the Eichwies industrial estate. OST’s The Simulation Conference will be held in the Obersee Campus.
Oberseestrasse 10, Postfach 1475, 8640 Rapperswil-Jona

Access plan
Public transport

OST is right next to the Rapperswil train station. We recommend using public transport. Train station is Rapperswil SG. From the train station you can easily access to the OST Rapperswil.

Car parks

The nearest public car park is around ten minutes’ walk away (see also local parking guidance system). There are only a few paid parking spaces available close to the university (maximum parking duration: 2 hours). The parking garage is reserved for OST members, from Monday to Friday, 6:00 to 17:00.

At Eichwies technology park the parking is located in front of Building 20 and on the south side of Building 18 by the train tracks.



*Mandatory fields


The Simulation Conference is basically divided in three parts.
It starts with the plenary session in the morning, followed by specific topic sessions, and ends with the plenary session of the afternoon. So please pick the topics that fit you best in the relevant room.
All through the day take advantage of breaks, lunchtime and "apéro" to meet our guests, visit our partners at their booths and talk with CADFEM's engineers.
Enjoy your day!

Plenary session - Morning | Aula 4.101

09:00Welcome & Introduction
09:15"Digitale Zwillinge"                   
Michael Schreiner , RhySearch - Abstract
09:40Thermal Monitoring - Der digitale Zwilling für die Werkzeugmaschine                            
Daniel Spescha, Inspire AG - Abstract
10:05Pitching of next sessions                      
Mechanical, DEM, Systems, Data validation, Automatisation, AI - Abstract
 Structures (Aula, main room 4.101) ; Automatisation (Room 4.112); Particle (Room 4.113); CFD / Systems (Room 4.113); AI (Room 4.114 & 4.115)
Structural Mechanics | Aula 4.101
11:10Schweissnahtnachweis mit dem Kerbspannungskonzept in ANSYS
Tim Kirchhoff, ihf Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH - Abstract
11:35Auslegung eines Flugzeug-Elektromotors mit FKM inside ANSYS
Marius Robinson, Cellsius - Abstract
12:00Vom 3D-Scan zum Ersatzteil
Dr. Kilian Schillai, Eptra Engineering GmbH - Abstract
13:40Fiberloop - Entwicklung einer Optimierungsroutine für kurzfaserverstärkte Spritzgussbauteile
Dominik Schmid, OST Rapperswil - Abstract
14:05Mikroskalenmodellierung von technischen Textilien zur Vorhersage von Faserverbundeigenschaften
Oliver Döbrich, ZHAW - Abstract
Andreas Winistörfer, Carbo-Link Fehraltdorf
14:55Ein strukturierter Ansatz für nachhaltige Produktentwicklung (Eco audit)
Ole Müller Tribecraft AG, Daniel Wenger CADFEM (Suisse) AG - Abstract
Particles | Room 4.113
11:10The influence of air pore pressure on the snow cover entrainment mechanisms and dynamics of snow avalanches
Camille Huitorel,WSL Institut für Schnee und Lawinenforschung SLF - Abstract
11:35Advanced particle simulation of rice whitening processes
Clement Zémerli, Bühler AG - Abstract
12:00Entwicklung von Vertikalen Rührwerksmühlen mit DEM
Robert Probst, Swiss Tower Mills Minerals AG - Abstract
12:25Lunch Break
Fluid Dynamics, Systems | Room 4.113
14:05CFD-Simulation der Ausbreitung des radioaktiven Schwerwassers in der Neutronanlage am PSI
Weiqun Geng, FHNW - Abstract
14:30Anwendung von CFD-Analysen für die Risikoabschätzung von Maschinen in ATEX-Umgebungen: von der Identifizierung des Problems bis zur Designoptimierung
Philippe Senn & Edoardo Arrivabeni, SAECON Sagl
Ingenieurbüro bratschi GmbH
Automation | Room 4.112
11:10Combining PyAnsys and APDL to optimize the dynamic behavior of large electric motors using the NSGA-II algorithm
Soren Bogh Andersen, ABB Switzerland Ltd - Abstract
11:35Computation time optimization using PyAnsys and PyVista libraries for nuclear application
François Molette & Julien Nussbaum, DAES SA - Abstract
12:00Simulationsdaten als erster Baustein zur Sicherung der Datenqualität
Marc Schöning,

e+a Elektromaschinen und Antriebe AG - Abstract

Data management, validation | Room 4.112
13:40Erfahrungen zur Einführung eines SPDM Systems am Beispiel der Firma Dieffenbacher
Marc Vidal, CADFEM Germany GmbH - Abstract
14:057-Schrittmethodik zur Erstellung einer FMEA, modellbasiert (in Anlehnung an die AIAG/VDA)
Dr. Daniel Henseler, Inauen Schätti - Abstract
14:30Entwicklung und Validierung eines Models zur Primärstabilität für in silico klinische Studien
Christine Müri, Zimmer Switzerland Manufacturing GmbH - Abstract
14:55Simulation im Entwicklungsprozess von Produktionssystemen
Mayra Hoppstädter, inspire AG / MORe Team - Abstract
Artificial intelligence | Room 4.114 & 4.115
11:10Machine learning to empower engineering organization: technology & applications
Lorenz Frey, Neural Concept SA
11:35Universal machine learning based on probalistic intelligence
Dmitrij Ivanov, Probaligence GmbH - Abstract
12:00Erkennung von Plausibilität in Finite-Elemente-Simulationen mit Deep-Learning-Netzen
Sebastien Bickel, Universtät Erlangen-Nürnberg - Abstract
13:40Complete Solution for Delivering Interactive Digital Twins with Custom AR/VR UI 
Marco Biancolini, RBF Morph GmbH - Abstract
14:05Wie kann Ansys AI bei der Produktentwicklung helfen?
Michael Schimmelpfennig , Ansys GmbH
14:30TBD (CFD mit AI)
14:55How does AI help in customer support?
CADFEM (Suisse) AG

Plenary session - Afternoon | Aula 4.101

16:00Rechte für Roboter - die Verantwortung der Menschen                      
Beat Schmied, Schmied Engineering - Abstract
16:25Präsentation Gewinner des CADFEM Academic Simulation Award                            
Manfred Maurer, CADFEM (Suisse) AG
16:45Pokalübergabe Gewinner Best Paper 2024 - Abschluss der Konferenz

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I sign up for an event?

By using the registration form on the site relating to the event.

Is there any charge for taking part?

No, participation is free and does not involve any obligation but registration.

Where will the event take place?

The event will be taking place on site, live at OST – Ostschweizer Fachhochschule, Campus Rapperswil. Please save the date in your calendar.

Will my registration data be passed to any third parties?

No, CADFEM will not pass any data of any kind to any third parties.

As a participant, will I receive any documents relating to the lectures following the sessions?

No hand-outs or documents are going to be provided during the Simulation Conference. You will be able to retrieve the presentations of the event, with no disclosure restriction, on the website after the Simulation Conference.

CADFEM Contact

If you have any questions regarding the simulation conference, feel free to get in contact with us.

Christophe Ozier-Lafontaine
Marketing, CADFEM (Suisse) AG, Aadorf