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Highly stressed fastening elements in METIS for the Extremely Large Telescope

Learn how Ansys Workbench is used to analyze stresses occurring on the METIS infrared instrument for the Extremely Large Telescope.

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METIS is an infrared instrument currently being developed by a consortium of 11 mainly European research institutions for ESO's Extremely Large Telescope (ELT) in Chile. In addition to a high-resolution spectrograph and a wavefront sensor, it has two cameras that form the so-called imager.


This imager weighs about 430 kg. It operates at a temperature of 40 K (-233°C) and is attached to a vertical surface with three titanium fasteners and three high-strength screws. In the telescope, this instrument must withstand the acceleration loads of the severe earthquakes that often occur there, as well as the stresses caused by cooling to low temperatures. In this presentation, you will learn how to use Ansys Workbench to analyze the stresses that occur in the process.

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  • Comprehensive insight into ANSYS Workbench 
  • Practical example based on the analysis of stresses on the infrared instrument METIS for the Extremely Large Telescope. 



The language of the Webinar is German.

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