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Strategic use of CFD in product development at KTM

CFD simulation is an important part of product development at KTM and influences a wide range of vehicle properties.

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New mobility solutions, increasing system complexity, and legislative requirements make it essential to create a comprehensive understanding of the system early in the development process. Since prototypes are usually not yet available here, virtual methods must be used in order to be able to achieve project goals. CFD simulation is part of a holistic simulation process with major effects on a large number of various vehicle properties.


In this presentation, you will learn how KTM uses CFD simulation in product development: for example to reduce air resistance and aerodynamic wheel load distribution, to reduce contamination on functional components, and to optimize thermal management and electrical power components in electric vehicles.

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  • Automotive
  • Plant operators
  • Users
  • Decision makers
  • Generally interested persons
  • Designers


  • Reduction of air resistance or aerodynamic wheel load distribution
  • Optimization of thermal management and electrical power components in e-vehicles
  • Evaluation of ride comfort through aeroacoustics
  • Fluid management and reduction of contamination on functional components


The language of the Webinar is German.

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