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Technology Day: Simulation in Battery Production

At this event, you will learn how particle and fluid simulation is used to improve the battery manufacturing process.

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High-performance batteries are a basic requirement for the energy transition toward a sustainable and climate-neutral world. To achieve this, new innovative ideas must be implemented and the production steps continuously improved. Numerical simulation is a tool that can be used to optimize and accelerate both the development and the production processes of batteries.

Examples will be used to illustrate possibilities such as fluid dynamic simulations for coating and drying processes, and particle simulations for calendering, including an introductory lecture on all steps of battery manufacturing, which will highlight the technical challenges and possibilities of simulation.


Understand how simulation can be used as a tool for designing and optimizing battery manufacturing equipment and processes. Learn about simulation applications that show microstructure level changes through the calendering process to coating uniformity and airflow distribution in dryers.

Target Group

Process engineers, scientists, researchers, Battery engineers, designers


  • Battery manufacturing process overview, challenges and opportunities
  • CFD solutions for coating and drying process in electrode manufacturing
  • Particle simulation for the calendering process


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