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Weight-watching with ar engineers

ar engineers GmbH

Optimal material usage makes products lighter and enhances their efficiency. The experts at ar engineers support their customers in this area – using CADFEM simulation solutions.

Weight-watching with ar engineers

Design, simulation and implementation of composite projects is a core business area in the engineering and development consulting services offered by CADFEM’s customer ar engineers GmbH. Lightweight design plays a major role for many clients in the aerospace, shipbuilding, automotive and wind power industries, to name but a few examples – when designing pleasure craft, for example.

ar engineers and CADFEM

Composite materials are central to the work of Hamburg-based engineering firm ar engineers GmbH, and for that it uses Ansys Composite PrepPost. The Ansys software can simulate and precisely predict specific material behavior under all kinds of stresses. This minimizes the number of expensive prototypes and complex tests needed. Decisions can be made faster and are more reliable and cost-effective.

Ansys and CADFEM conferences for an edge in expertise

However, ar engineers also uses the large Simulation Conferences run by Ansys and CADFEM – wearing a number of different hats: as a participant looking to broaden and deepen its knowledge, as a speaker looking to share and exchange insights with other participants, and as an exhibitor looking to acquire new customers and support them with their composite projects.
The cooperative relationship with CADFEM and with research institutions and universities ensures that ar engineers is always at the cutting edge of composite simulation technologies.

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