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Creating an enjoyable showering experience is Hansgrohe’s top priority

Hansgrohe Deutschland

When showering becomes an experience, it adds oomph to your day – or recharges your batteries. Hansgrohe relies on CADFEM simulation solutions to enhance the showering experience.

Creating an enjoyable showering experience is Hansgrohe’s top priority

Since 1901, the company based in the Black Forest has traditionally stayed a step ahead of the times with its bathroom and kitchen products – for showering, bathing and hand washing. The first hand shower was invented in 1928 and the multipurpose “ Raindance ” rain shower heralded a new era of showering in 2003.

Hansgrohe and CADFEM

Hansgrohe has been using numerical simulation for more than a decade to reduce the time and effort needed for product development. The simulation disciplines for this are mastered using Ansys tools, enabling fluid and structural simulations to be coupled, with optimum interfaces to the existing CAD system.

A wide range of different applications for Ansys

The CAE analyses rely on Ansys Workbench Preprocessing and are significantly sped up through the use of HPC remote solving solutions. There are a wide range of different applications for Ansys, including explicit drop tests for hand showers, pendulum impact simulations for fittings, implicit static nonlinear FEM analyses for various assemblies, coupled fluid-structure analyses for valves, explicit seal designs and even transient flow problems.

Hansgrohe relies on advanced training

In addition, Hansgrohe is convinced of the benefits of the CADFEM esocaet part-time CAE master’s course as further training for its computational engineers: “We hope through this to strategically develop highly skilled junior staff for the sake of organized succession planning,” emphasized qualified engineer Jochen Armbruster, Head of CAE, RP and Technology Management at Hansgrohe.

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