Simulation is more than Software

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Hilite – using simulation to drive product development forward

Hilite Germany GmbH

Hilite International is setting standards when it comes to components and modules for engine and transmission applications in the automotive industry. Hilite works with CADFEM simulation solutions.

Hilite – using simulation to drive product development forward

Since it was established in June 1999, Hilite International has become a global automotive supplier. Employing around 1,500 staff members at eight locations in Europe, North America and Asia, in 2014 the company generated a turnover of approx. EUR 442 million.

Hilite and CADFEM

At Hilite, the use of simulation is an integral part of product development activities and covers a wide range of physical disciplines, including structural mechanics, electromagnetics, fluid dynamics analysis and system simulation. Hilite aims to optimize the factors of its products that are critical to their success, such as quality, reliability or service life, and thereby to improve its competitiveness. 
“We are facing very tough global competition in terms of quality, costs and delivery capability. The only way we can win this competition from a product development standpoint is if we make use of simulation, because without it there’s no way we could meet today’s requirements,” says Prof. Christian Sleziona, Doctor of Engineering and Head of Hilite’s Simulation Department for over 10 years, describing the importance of simulation.

Hilite – a reliable partner

The company devotes its energies to developing and producing systems and components that aim to improve fuel consumption and reduce exhaust emissions. Extensive experience and expertise incorporated in advanced engine and transmission products are what characterize Hilite as a reliable and competent partner for automotive manufacturers and other customers operating in the automotive industry. 
Modern simulation technology has become a powerful driver in Hilite’s product development operations. It is helping to promote innovations and maintain the company’s leading role.

Gaining the competitive edge through further training

Prof. Sleziona would also subscribe to CADFEM’s slogan, “Simulation is more than software.” “While powerful software is indeed a necessary prerequisite, it isn’t a sufficient one,” he sums up, going on to add: “The crucial expertise can be found in the employees who carry out simulations. CADFEM not only supplies us with the software; it also provides the necessary training courses, some of which are specifically tailored to Hilite. 
Nothing else comes close to the part-time master’s course that is organized by CADFEM esocaet and has already been successfully completed by Hilite employees. We also regularly make use of CADFEM user support and, if necessary, contract out simulation projects to CADFEM, which their engineers carry out on our behalf.”

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