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PFISTERER uses silicone for insulation purposes

Pfisterer Holding AG

Silicone insulators for cable connections in power networks have to have special properties, which PFISTERER ensures by carrying out development operations using CADFEM simulation solutions.

PFISTERER uses silicone for insulation purposes

PFISTERER, a company based in the Swabian town of Winterbach near Schorndorf, specializes in connection elements and systems for low-voltage, medium-voltage and high-voltage networks. This also includes designing the insulators for high-voltage cable connections. The insulating medium silicone plays a decisive role in all cable connections and terminations in PFISTERER’s portfolio. PFISTERER uses simulation technology in the product development process for all its silicone insulators.


To exploit all the possibilities that Ansys products offer for the development tasks carried out by CADFEM’s customer PFISTERER, the company attaches a great deal of importance to continuously establishing and building on simulation knowledge.
Silicone’s mechanical properties are extremely demanding. Particularly in sensitive applications – such as those that PFISTERER products are utilized in – use of the material requires the highest level of specialist knowledge and expertise. This is also reflected in the simulation work that accompanies the development process.
With CADFEM’s support, the expertise in the field of simulation in general and in the use of silicone in particular was expanded one step at a time. The value of the Ansys software for PFISTERER was systematically increased: by training the users in seminars, holding an individual training session tailored to the company’s requirements and regularly attending the large Ansys & CADFEM Simulation Conference.

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