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15 Years of Innovation and Success

Team CADFEM from across INDIA and SEA celebrates

CADFEM India turns 15

Sometimes it's a better call to celebrate the employees that contribute to your company's culture and success. That's exactly what CADFEM India did, as they celebrated their 15 years of successful experience by hosting an Off-shore event at with all its 100+ employees. This was a perfect opportunity to reconnect, flex the team's vibrant and positive energies and get prepared for the next coming years.

The Journey of CADFEM in India started when Dr. Gunter Mueller, the founder of CADFEM Group, proposed establishing CADFEM's presence in India in 2006 to Dr. Madhukar Chatiri. "I was extremely impressed with the technical assistance provided by CADFEM during my Master's Thesis work. When I got stuck or had a question, the CADFEM Support Team was always there to help. I've always considered doing the same for Indian clients. This marked the start of my entrepreneurial journey in India with CADFEM": said Madhukar.

What started with 4 Colleagues-handling various functions as co-founders, Madhukar goes down the memory lane saying, "They've been our rock, always supporting and encouraging - we've all shared the same vision, taken calculated risks, and learned from each other".

From a small business in a tiny apartment in Hyderabad, CADFEM India is now a Simulation partner to the top engineering companies. The company has now grown to 100+ in the last 15 years with various full-fledged teams and expanded our presence PAN India with local offices in Bangalore, Chennai, Gurgaon, Pune to having sales presence along the Length and breadth of the country supporting both Indian and International Customers.

He continues, "getting to this point has been a long and winding road. At a time when our industry was undergoing a significant change, we've had to balance the good with the bad. Gunter's unwavering support kept us going during this difficult period. We were all determined to make it work, having a startup mindset and a focus on agile strategies. With our team's never­ say-die attitude, patience, drive to succeed, as well as perseverance, we've been able to create and maintain a large platform, as well as assemble a strong team across the country who, together, deliver the highest standards and services at all times. We are where we are today because of our great flexibility, ingenuity, and strong innovation skills," he explains.

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