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Augmented reality for road safety by EyeLights


Founded in 2016, EyeLights develops and markets head-up display systems that propel augmented reality directly into the field of vision of motorcyclists and motorists.

Jérôme PAUC
Optical Design and Simulation Engineer, Eyelights

Having support in our native language that responds so quickly and with such a high level of technical expertise is a real game-changer. This makes it easier to directly discuss the details of any problems we may encounter and to resolve situations with the CADFEM team. Their knowledge of optical simulation software has allowed us to improve our work and make it more efficient. We are therefore very happy to have CADFEM as a partner.

Augmented reality for road safety by EyeLights

EyeLights develops augmented reality systems to assist the piloting of various vehicles.

The EyeLights start-up adventure was born from the realization of thousands of motorcyclists who have long contended that there has been no safe and reliable alternative to handlebar-mounted GPS devices that force you to take your attention off the road. Today, our customer is the pioneer and market leader in head-up displays for all motorcycle helmets.

This loss of attention is a major problem for motorists. The screens integrated into cars continue to get bigger, but their very low position in the field of vision means that drivers must take their eyes off the road.

Founded in 2016, EyeLights develops and markets head-up display systems that propel augmented reality directly into the field of vision of motorcyclists and motorists.

Based in Toulouse, the start-up currently has 23 employees and plans to take on around 30 new talents over the next few years, with the aim of becoming a major player in the design of tomorrow’s vehicles.

The values of EyeLights

  • DARING. The Augmented reality start-up EyeLights is built on taking risks.
  • AMBITION. EyeLights is actively developing its various international strategies and action plans to bring its technology to the four corners of the world and conquer new markets.
  • INNOVATION. Since road safety is paramount, EyeLights aims to build the best possible product with and for its customers.

Automotive Head-Up Displays (HUDs) or Vision Tête Haute (VTHs) are augmented reality systems that superimpose driving-related information (speed, maps, etc.) directly on the driver's field of vision.

These driving assistance systems reduce the time needed to acquire information and keep the driver focused on the road.

The design and development of a HUD requires a combination of optical, opto-mechanical, mechanical, thermal, and electronic capabilities. The space allocated to the HUD and its location in the vehicle dashboard vary greatly from one model to another. Therefore, a study is required for each model to determine the overall optics, mounting systems, source and cooling system.

EyeLights and CADFEM

Collaboration with CADFEM begins in 2022.

While the first developments were successfully carried out using a traditional approach to design, prototyping, experimentation and measurement, management decided to turn to digital simulation in order to accelerate its development cycle, and therefore its time-to-market, which is crucial for a start-up.

Thanks to the Optics bundle from the Ansys Startup Program, the company discovered the scope and complementary nature of Speos and Zemax needed to produce the renowned automotive HUD head-up displays, from the design of the optical system to the user’s perception of the display.

Having started with one user, the team now comprises two optical experts dedicated entirely to digital simulation. The benefits of using these skills in the innovation race are no longer in question at EyeLights.

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