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CADFEM Ansys Extensions - Research

Targeted extension of ANSYS capabilities – use in research

Scalability of simulations
Scalability of simulations
Structural mechanics, Acoustics, Multiphysics, System simulation, Heat Transfer

Greater functionality in the ANSYS products through specific extensions – for research.

The CADFEM Ansys Extensions are engineering tools for Ansys developed by CADFEM and partners. Integrated in Ansys Workbench, they extend the functional scope of Ansys with specific applications. They facilitate access to and application of guidelines such as the FKM Guideline or bolt verification according to VDI 2230.  Effective extensions are available for the modelling and design of rolling and plain bearings with Rolling Bearing inside Ansys and Tribo-X inside Ansys.  Model Reduction inside Ansys extends the possibility to create reduced models.  CADFEM Ansys Extension Research is an offer only for research institutes and companies for use in connection with public research activities. 

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