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Ansys ModelCenter

Incorporating Model-Based Systems Engineering into the development life cycle: Define advanced and automated workflows that support and optimize product design.

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Digital transformation by incorporating MBSE into the product design process

Automated workflows, tools integration, requirements verification, and performance estimation can lead an organization to reduce development costs and decrease the time to market while increasing product quality and reducing risks by early error detection.  Ansys ModelCenter combines all these aspects, thus keeping a systematic, interactive, flexible, and safe virtual workspace.

Product description

Ansys ModelCenter for Model-Based Systems Engineering

Digital thread

Digital, transparent, interaktive

Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) stands for consistent, end-to-end digitalization, maximum transparency and interactivity of the complete development process. Ansys ModelCenter provides the tools needed to connect the key participants - system engineers and CAE engineers - and to support design processes already in the early development phase with information from behavior models. The result: a “Digital Thread” made possible by the traceable automation and connection of processes, workflows, data, variables and requirements.

Bridging the gap

Digital Development Twin

Ansys ModelCenter integrates CAE behavior models with system architecture models. With Ansys ModelCenter and the methodology of Model-Based Systems Engineering, essential individual processes are very efficiently automated into workflows that can represent the system behavior and verify compliance with requirements. The resulting “digital development twin” of a product enables early detection of error sources and identification of optimization potential, ultimately making physical prototypes on the way to the final product unnecessary. The result: massive costs and time savings.

Product Highlights

  • Manage complex and high-risk systems.
  • Track design changes and measure the impact.
  • Increase product quality and reliability.
  • Automated workflows, simulations, and external tools integration.
  • Decrease the costs and time of the product development.
  • Improves teams’ collaboration.
  • Early error detection leading to better design decisions.

This software is part of the Ansys Connect product family

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  • Experience from numerous implementation and expansion projects for customers of all sizes and with a wide variety of requirement profiles and specifications.

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