Simulation is more than Software

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Simulation is our world

CADFEM is a pioneer in the application of numerical simulation in product development. As a part of the CADFEM Group, we are a leading CAE provider and support Ansys users with all aspects of simulation and digital engineering. CADFEM has been a successful Ansys Apex Channel Partner since 2024.

CADFEM - Simulation is more than software

CADFEM Germany GmbH is an Ansys Apex Channel Partner. With over 180 employees at six locations in Germany, we sell products from Ansys, the world’s largest independent developer of simulation software. Today, we employ more than 130 Ansys specialists in Germany.

CADFEM Germany GmbH - Technology leader and pioneer

Since CADFEM was founded near Munich in 1985, we have continuously aided and advanced the practical application of the technology in business and science. Our name has long been synonymous with our close partnership with Ansys: CADFEM sells the entire Ansys simulation portfolio for structural mechanics, fluid mechanics, electromechanics, electromagnetics, electronics and embedded software.

But because software alone does not guarantee simulation success, our customers receive everything they need to tap the full potential of simulation in product development: globally leading software and IT solutions, consulting, support, commissioned simulation services and extensive training offers ranging from conventional training to part-time academic educational opportunities.

Even more: Via data management solutions, automations, workflows and individualization by CADFEM, simulation becomes an integral part of highly efficient, customized digital engineering. 

And all this worldwide with CADFEM’s recognized quality standards.

CADFEM Germany GmbH is part of the CADFEM Group.

For the distribution of software and hardware, for service and software development as well as for consulting, CADFEM has implemented a quality management system, which is certified and applied according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015.

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How do we run our business? With humanity, simplicity and foresight!

We believe that trust, fairness and respect are essential for our society to work and that they are just as essential for a corporate culture. Common sense and thinking on one’s feet are important to us. We create the conditions for these basic principles to flourish. Rigid rules and bureaucracy are kept to a minimum and a certain amount of “chaos” is accepted.

What distinguishes us and our employees as a family-run company

AT CADFEM, people are at the center of everything we do. That means that trust, fairness and respect are the standards against which we measure our social and business conduct.

We think beyond today – and the current quarter. Maximizing profits is not our top priority. As a family-run business, we have freedom to decide as we see fit. The first priority is to secure the long-term viability and value of our company. We achieve that through stable finances, efficient business processes, good and satisfied employees and a pleasant working environment.

Our company’s “assets” are its loyal customers, our employees, the responsible and dedicated work of our management team and the engagement of our associates.

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CADFEM and simulation - connected for over three decades

While making the transition from an engineering office to a leading provider of simulation solutions with over 20 holdings worldwide, CADFEM has written some 35 years’ worth of history. CADFEM’s roots actually go back to 1982. An engineer with Ansys at the time, Günter Müller, one of the two founders of the company, was responsible for sales, training and support. And in 1983 he organized the first User’s Meeting – what is today the CADFEM Conference – in Heersching am Ammersee.

Günter Müller
founded CADFEM GmbH
“FEM for Praktiker”
Published by expert verlag, Günter Müller’s “FEM für Praktiker” remains a sought-after guide to FEM
TechNet Alliance
CADFEM is a founding member of the global simulation network
Generational handover
Jürgen Vogt and Erke Wang become Managing Directors. Christoph Müller joins them in 2011.
Ansys Elite Channel Partner
With 130 Ansys specialists, CADFEM is among the first partners to attain “Elite” status
Organization of the global simulation activities under the umbrella of the CADFEM Group
New Home
Completion and occupation of the new headquarters in Grafing-Schammach
Expansion of management
Matthias Alberts is appointed as a further managing director
Further managing directors
Josef A. Overberg and Dr.-Ing. Matthias Hörmann move up to the management board
Ansys Apex Channel Partner
As one of 5 Ansys partners worldwide CADFEM receives the highest status Apex

CADFEM & Ansys

A long and strong partnership - Ever since the company was founded in 1985, we have been a close sales partner of Ansys, the world’s largest developer of simulation software. As an Ansys Apex Channel Partner, we sell Ansys software products and support Ansys users in all matters concerning simulation. The German CADFEM team alone has 130 Ansys-specialized engineers in its ranks. 

CADFEM has a direct line to Ansys development - Since the beginning of our partnership, we have ensured that Ansys software is used successfully in companies and research institutions. Through our commitment to Ansys, we play an active role in ensuring that customer requests are taken into account in software development at Ansys. And as a technological trendsetter ourselves, we develop our own software solutions that later make their way into Ansys.

Social Responsibility

CADFEM supports social and humanitarian institutions, initiatives and projects. Our involvement in social endeavors ranges from education funding to aid for needy children all around the world. We regularly donate to Bread for the World, Deutsche Welthungerhilfe, Animals’ Angels, Sternstunden, Doctors Without Borders, UNICEF, Verein Ausländerhilfe e.V., Deutsches Kinderherzzentrum. Besides that, we support the following organizations: