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Ansys Startup Program: simulation for startups

Enable startups to use the entire Ansys portfolio, at a lower cost.

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Ansys Startup program

Take advantage of the best in simulation technology, right from the start of your business, with a reduced investment.

How startups accelerate R&D with low investments?

Ansys startup program is designed to provide a variety of resources to help new businesses succeed. It provides access to technical and marketing support, educational resources, and industry-leading simulation and analysis software to help new businesses get off the ground quickly and efficiently.

Solution for startups to limit investment and accelerate R&D

Simulation is the most important tool to quickly move from the product development phase to the market. However, startups have limited funding options in their early stages. The Ansys Startup Program gives startups access to the full Ansys simulation software portfolio, CADFEM services and marketing channels.

In this way, limited financial resources in the early stages of a company are no longer an obstacle to using the powerful simulation of Ansys.

Which startups are eligible for the Ansys Startup Program?

To be eligible for the Ansys Startup Program, the main following criteria must be met by the startup (Acceptation is subject to the final approval of Ansys):

  • Not be yet an Ansys customer
  • Be a privately held company
  • Be less than 10 years old as a company
  • Have an annual turnover of less than 5 million USD
  • Not be an engineering consulting or simulation services company

We offer special conditions for start-ups affiliated with university incubators. Please contact our team.

Business incubators offer startups a technical and financial competitive advantage

If you are an incubator company looking to support startups with simulation tools, partnering with the Ansys Startup Program offers great opportunities. Simulation, along with CADFEM and Ansys, is helping startups change our world, whether it's solving environmental problems, rethinking healthcare, or enable space industry.

Solutions for accessing simulation tools are available. Please contact our consultants for more information.

What does the Ansys Startup Program include?

Eligible startups and young companies have access to CADFEM's technical support, technical expertise, and marketing channels. Ansys licenses are packaged in bundles covering many areas of physics.
Discover the licences included in each bundle.

Available software bundles

Structure and Fluid

Solving structural and fluid mechanics problems with a variety of solvers and pre&postprocessors.


Analyzing low frequency and high frequency electromagnetic phenomena.

Safe Systems

Develop safety critical software applications with the ANSYS SCADE products

Optic and Photonic

Solving Optics and Photonics problems of visible and non-visble light.

Success stories

See how Startups accelerate their product development with simulation without slowing down investments.

Why CADFEM is the right partner for you?

For more than 35 years, we have been supporting our customers, from small design offices to large companies, who want to effectively integrate simulation into their development processes. We use our extensive experience to make their simulation startup a quick success.

Acquiring the software is just the beginning. As your partner, we accompany you step by step with intensive technical support and strategic advice that guarantees your long-term success. And that is what startups need – reliable and stable partners with whom they can confidently grow.

For more information on the startup program and the simulation solutions that are right for you, please contact us.

Dr.-Ing. Volker Bäumer
Head of Sales, CADFEM Germany GmbH, Grafing