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An overview: Strategies, tips and examples of how CADFEM AI can be used to improve products and development processes.

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AI in product development

What does AI achieve in product development? How does it contribute to better products and processes? There are countless possibilities and immense potential.

Advantages of AI at product level

  • Higher performance: By identifying and correcting errors and by uncovering additional potential, AI enhances product fault tolerance and performance.
  • Maximum precision: The analysis of large amounts of data and the recognition of patterns by AI helps to ensure that future products meet the specified requirements with pinpoint accuracy.
  • Optimal designs: AI-driven optimization techniques show how product designs can be systematically improved because they are strictly parameter-based.
  • More innovation: AI algorithms support the identification and fast verification of new ideas. Information obtained will be reutilized.

Advantages of AI at process level

  • Decision support: The precise predictions and real-time analyses of AI facilitate decision-making on key development issues.
  • Speed: AI shortens iteration loops in the development process and creates additional scope for changes and improvements.
  • Cost savings: The automation and optimization of tasks and processes through AI reduces costs.
  • Knowledge base: AI facilitates the archiving, evaluation and provision of knowledge from various sources.


Simulation of various crash scenarios

Only 20 training data and 4 for testing
Prediction timeAccuracy
17,5 s with CPUR2 0,956

Simulation of a drohne Antenna position

Only 37 training data and 4 for testing
Prediction timeAccuracy
10s with CPUR2  0.969

Cooling Simulation of an Electric Motor

Only 21 training data and 2 for testing
Prediction timeAccuracy
12s with CPUR2  0.964
 Josef A. Overberg Managing Director CADFEM Germany GmbH, in an expert survey by the trade journal “Industrielle Automation” (Vereinigte Fachverlage, 03-2024)
Josef A. Overberg
Managing Director CADFEM Germany GmbH, in an expert survey by the trade journal “Industrielle Automation” (Vereinigte Fachverlage, 03-2024)

The basis is important for all AI approaches - digitalization. In product development, it is high and the path to efficient use is not far - if a company has done its homework. This means understanding simulation and data collection as integral components of an end-to-end digital engineering process and creating the corresponding workflows and infrastructures. This is exactly what we see with our customers, who are already successfully using AI and receiving the required answers in real time with the AI-supported optimization of their products or AI-based digital twins.

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With CADFEM AI, we accompany you competently with tools and services on your way into the world of artificial intelligence.

  • Benefit from CADFEM's know-how and strong partnership with PI Probaligence and Ansys combined with our expertise in AI, ML, simulation and digitalization in engineering. Empowered by a comprehensive approach.
  • Personal contacts with in-depth practical knowledge in the areas of customization, programming, process integration of ML algorithms and simulation data and process management.
  • Experience from many implementation and development projects for customers of all sizes and with a wide variety of requirement profiles and use cases.

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Ralph Hohenwarter
Business Development Manager ML/KI, CADFEM Germany GmbH, Grafing