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Training & Self-paced eLearning – FAQs

The most important questions about attanding out training course at a glance

Training courses

Last Change 01/01/2024

When is the sign-up deadline for a training?

Training places will generally be allocated based on the order in which attendees sign up. For this reason, we always recommend booking for your desired date as early as possible.

As long as a coures still has free places, it can be booked.

How does a CADFEM live online training course work?

We use the Microsoft Teams solution to conduct the live online training. You don't need a license of your own, but we recommend you to use the free desktop app for an optimal course experience. You may alternatively attend the training using a state-of-the-art web browser. 

You will receive your course room link by e-mail in time for the training course. We already open the virtual course room 15 minutes before the course starts. So you can test all functions in in a relaxed atmosphere.  A telephone dial-in is also possible - even additionally to handle the voice connection separately.

Moreover, each participant receives access to their individual training cloud instance: every software exercise can be carried out in the web browser and the virtual shoulder view by our trainers is  ensured at all times. 

Can single course days also be booked?

CADFEM training courses are designed to enable every participant to achieve the learning objective. To do so, we put together the appropriate number of 90-minute learning units. If multiple employees in your company already have relevant prior knowledge at a comparable level or you wish to combine specific contents, a customized course is the right choice for you.

At what time do the training courses begin and end?

Usually the training courses start at 9:00 am and end at 5:00 pm of the respective local time. The actual course times will be stated in the booking confirmation. Please note that, depending on the training host, there may be a possible time shift between your and the provider's local time. Therefore all local times are provided with the valid time shift to Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). 

When will I receive the final confirmation for my training booking?

Straight after you sign up, an automatic confirmation of receipt will be sent to the email addresses you provided. Once you have successfully verified the data you provided, you will receive your personalized sign-up confirmation, containing further information on course fees, the billing address, etc., by email within two to three working days.  

As soon as the minimum number of attendees has been reached, you will receive a final training confirmation containing further information. If you have booked an on-site training, we recommend that you wait until you have received this final confirmation before booking your travel and accommodation.

If the minimum number of attendees is not reached, we reserve the right to cancel the training seven days before it is due to start at the latest. We are happy to inform you on changing your booking to an alternative date. Please note that we accept no liability for hotel or travel bookings that attendees have already made.

When do you send the invoice?

The invoice will be sent to the invoice recipient indicated in the booking immediately after the last course day. Please inform us of any changes to the billing address by the course start date at the latest.

Our employee is unable to attend the training on the date. Can I cancel the training?

Cancellation is only possible under certain conditions; please refer to the current GTC for information regarding this matter. Alternatively, you have the one-off, free option of changing the booking of a confirmed training place to a substitute attendee. For organizational reasons, the new attendee needs to sign up for the training online, by providing corresponding information under the “Substitute attendee for Mr./Ms. First Name Surname” comment. If this training date is already fully booked, please contact our training team.

Can your training courses also be booked as eLearning?

CADFEM offers many training courses as self-paced eLearning (Learning on Demand) option with identical content. eLearning  is a form of knowledge transfer that puts you, the participant, in control of when, where, and how often you engage in training. The focus is always professional simulation with Ansys, delivered with competence by CADFEM speakers who you will already know from our instructure led trainings. Courses are modular with a didactic approach, modern and varied, and include videos, tutorials and software demonstrations. 

Where can I find information about travel options and accommodations?

You can view travel information as well as hotel recommendations on our respective location information site. Please consider that booking and payment are handled directly with the hotel by you or your company.

Do you offer special conditions for university employees and students?

For CADFEM, the collaboration between practice and science has always been a central aspect in developing upcoming generations of engineers. That’s why we offer discounted enrollment options whenever possible. You can find our current pricing conditions in the course descriptions. By the way, have you heard about the special 50% discount for university members and our Simulation Portal for Students with free Ansys courses?

What are the methods used?

Course, demonstration and practice on the software. Training materials are in English language.

What are the evaluation methods during this training?

The training includes intermediate and final exercises to practice the elements covered in the training. The trainer will present the resolution of these exercises and will check the good understanding of each module of the course with the help of MCQ. A training certificate will attest to the validation of the knowledge assessment for each module and for the overall training.


Our training courses are accessible to everyone according to the defined prerequisites. However, if you have specific needs or requests for adaptation to our training courses and/or training center, do not hesitate to contact our Disability & Quality Referent.

Whom should I contact if I have more questions about booking or course organization?

Your professional development team will answer any organizational questions you may have about your course. Please contact the contact person from the country from which your desired or booked course date is offered. 

Head of Training Services
Seminar Administration
Head of Seminars
Dr. sc. Jörg Helfenstein
Technical Manager
Simulation Engineer
United Kingdom
Training and Support Manager


Last Change 01/01/2024

Can I test the eLearning offer without obligation?

To get a clear impression of our online learning format, we offer you a trial allowing you access to the starting module of an eLearning course of your choice. No costs, no cancellation period or anything similar. Moreover, with this free test access you can check all the technical requirements for a smooth learning process. You can easily request the free module from any eLearning course.

How much time should I allow for an eLearning course?

Each online course day comprises four eLearning modules. You should ideally allow 90 to 120 minutes of uninterrupted learning time for each module. This will allow you to acquire the knowledge provided by a module and to consolidate it through quiz questions and Ansys exercises. By dividing each module into micro learning units, you can also make good use of smaller time windows, such as on your commute.

For how long can I access the learning content?

Prerequisite for the use of the eLearning courses is the use of a personalized access to the CADFEM learning platform. When purchasing an eLearning course, access to the learning platform is 365 days. As a subscription user, access to the learning platform starts and ends with the start and end of the flat rate. With the start of a further learning product (Learning Subscription, training, eLearning), access to your content is extended by 365 days.

Is it possible to download learning materials?

Videos, presentations and quizzes are only available on the learning platform. However, Ansys exercise files, sample solutions, simulation projects you have created yourself, the QuickReferenceGuides (QRGs) as a compact overview of the module contents, and your personal notes can be downloaded.

Can I transfer my account to someone else?

Your user account is created for you personally; the accessible data and content may only be used by you in accordance with our terms and conditions of use. Your personal notes, progress, and results are saved to your account and can be synchronized between your end devices (desktop, tablet, smartphone) at any time.

Can I receive an Ansys training license for the exercises?

If you buy your eLearning separately or book it as part of the Learning Subscription Premium, you do not need a license or any special hardware. Your user account includes a ready-to-use virtual simulation PC with up-to-date software licenses. To work on Ansys exercises, you only need an up-to-date browser and adequate internet connection. The virtual machine runs in a powerful cloud; the specific period of use depends on the course that you have enrolled on.

For how long can I use my virtual simulation PC for Ansys exercises?

If your eLearning includes a training cloud (single buy, Learning Subscription Premium) applies: For each course day, you get 10 days of access to your personal machine, with a contingency of 10 hours. You can start and stop the machine yourself. The time allowed is intentionally generous, so you do not feel under pressure while working through the exercises. If this contingency is exhausted, you can order our  Hardware as a Service products as and when needed, for added computing capacity.

Do you offer special multi-user tariffs for companies?

A flexible and attractive possibility is the purchase of a CADFEM Learning Subscription. This allows your employees to attend as many classroom, live online & eLearning courses and further contents as they wish within 365 days.  

Further questions about training and eLearning?

Please contact our Professional Development team.