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CADFEM as an employer

CADFEM offers exciting tasks in various professional fields. At CADFEM, personal development and further training are standards, just as fair payment and attractive benefits.

CADFEM as an employer

If you’d like to shape the future with a simulation pioneer, CADFEM is the ideal choice. We offer exciting work with plenty of personal scope in various professional areas. Personal development and ongoing training are standard at CADFEM, and so are fair pay and attractive benefits.

What you can expect at CADFEM

CADFEM has plenty to offer its employees

Working at CADFEM means:

  • Varied challenges with responsibility and extensive scope for input
  • A future-oriented environment with plenty of opportunities for training and development, both personal and professional
  • A secure position with flexible working hours that let you combine family and career
  • Flat hierarchies with short communication channels, motivational atmosphere, great team spirit and company-wide events

Just like our company philosophy says – we run a business with humanity, simplicity and foresight!

Elena Vallejo
General Manager, CADFEM UK Ltd

What CADFEM offers it's employees

CADFEM offers its employees plenty of scope for flexibility

And it extends a high degree of trust

• Flexible working hours on a trust basis
• Work-life balance
• Mobile work by arrangement

Our employees appreciate their flexibility

Svenja Bamberger-Frick
Marketing, CADFEM (Austria) GmbH, Wien

I have been at CADFEM since October 2012. In that time, I moved from Vienna to Salzburg, 300 km away, and had two children. But I’m still at CADFEM. I’ve been working at home for over five years and my working hours have been very flexible and family-friendly since I had children. And I was also promoted during my maternity leave, even though I was only working part time. There aren’t many employers who offer that these days.

Heidi Leuthold-Ankele
Sales Administration, CADFEM GmbH, Stuttgart

With CADFEM, I have found an employer that offers me the option of adapting my working hours to my changing life situation, allowing me to devote the time that both my career and my family need over the years. I have been working at CADFEM since September 2002.

We say: an investment in further employee training is an investment into our future

The labor (employment) market is subject to ongoing changes and constant transformation. That calls for continuous development of knowledge and abilities. This is something we see as an opportunity, and we invest in ongoing training.

  • Participation in all CADFEM and Ansys training
  • Individual communication training for all divisions
  • Team development
  • Language courses
  • Personal coaching
  • Part-time courses at esocaet, either modular, certification or master’s
  • Participation in specialist conferences
  • Support with part-time further training

Functioning infrastructure as an important basis

We believe that functioning IT, short commutes and attractive transport connections are essential.
They make our day-to-day lives easier and let us concentrate on what truly matters. This includes:

• Good transport connections to offices
• travel allowance
• Company car or season rail ticket, and company cell phone as required

We value social interaction

CADFEM is a family company and works hard to ensure a positive, professional working environment. That’s why we stage regular employee events.

  • Combined start to the new financial year: The two-day kick-off is the combined launch event for the new year which brings together all the locations in Germany, as well as employees from the CADFEM Group worldwide.
  • Summer family festival: The combined summer festival brings together all our employees, with families very much included. There are various activities, good food and entertainment for young and old alike.
  • Christmas party: Each location comes up with something special to round off the year and it’s always lots of fun.
  • Every day: In all of our locations, we have kitchenettes or bistros as central meeting points for employees. The table football in Grafing, Stuttgart, Hanover and Berlin is just as popular as you’d imagine.
Dr.-Ing. Sebastian Wipprecht<br />Account Manager, CADFEM GmbH, Hanover
Dr.-Ing. Sebastian Wipprecht
Account Manager, CADFEM GmbH, Hanover

It’s not just the great, out-of-the-ordinary company events – CADFEM also focuses on relations with employees in our everyday working life.

How CADFEM supports a good work-life-balance

It’s not just the working atmosphere – everything else has to click as well, including money and the combination of work and life. Beyond attractive wages, CADFEM offers:

But perhaps even more important than the financial aspect:

  • Flexible working hours on a trust basis
  • Straightforward vacation planning
  • Autonomous time management, e.g. for home repair calls and medical appointments
  • Flexibility in choice of workplace

What CADFEM employees say about their workplace

 Jennifer Geisel<br />Account Manager, CADFEM GmbH, Grafing
Jennifer Geisel
Account Manager, CADFEM GmbH, Grafing

The thing that fascinated me most about CADFEM, ever since I started to work for the company in June 2014, was the working environment. It’s characterized by fair and respectful treatment, reliability and professional work. With its principle of “challenge and recognition”, CADFEM brings the best out of everyone each day.

 Timo Frambach<br />Account Manager, CADFEM GmbH, Stuttgart
Timo Frambach
Account Manager, CADFEM GmbH, Stuttgart

CADFEM enables its employees to take personal responsibility in their work but with a sense of surety, that they will always have a contact person within the company. I appreciate that ever since my first working day in September 2007.

Dr.-Ing. Jörg Neumeyer<br />CAE Engineer, CADFEM GmbH, Hanover
Dr.-Ing. Jörg Neumeyer
CAE Engineer, CADFEM GmbH, Hanover

When I joined CADFEM in 2013, it already felt like the right decision. But since then, the outstanding team and the great mutual support have exceeded all my expectations.

 Tobias Bergenthal<br />Account Manager, CADFEM GmbH, Hanover
Tobias Bergenthal
Account Manager, CADFEM GmbH, Hanover

I feel very fortunate that I get to work with so many intelligent people with so many different specializations! I can always count on their combined skills. If they can’t solve a problem, the competition can’t either!

Job profiles at CADFEM

CADFEM offers exciting areas of work and professional activities. What does a computational engineer do? What functions does a team leader in CAE software sales have? How does a business development team function? What activities does the Assistance team cover?

Find out about various positions in our company as CADFEM employees offer their insights.

Room to grow at CADFEM

Plenty of scope and a level of support that lets you really bring your own abilities to the company: this is the norm at CADFEM. The following stories demonstrate the varied options for development that CADFEM employees enjoy.