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Digitized material knowledge

The clever combination of simulation and intelligent material selection makes design significantly more efficient

  • Select and compare materials digitally
  • Make decisions on a secure basis
  • Build up your own materials expertise
  • Accelerate simulation cycles with sound knowledge of materials

Early knowledge of the optimum material is crucial

Anyone who manufactures or designs products makes decisions for or against certain materials at an early stage, which have an impact on the entire product life cycle. To minimize cost and maximize product effectiveness, you need to get these decisions right.  So, from the company's point of view, it is important to support the generation of materials expertise and make it available to development teams.

Strategic advantage materials expertise

In many areas, the choice of material is the innovation driver for optimization. The material determines the limits of construction mechanics. Whereas for many thousands of years only naturally occurring and easily accessible materials were used, today composites, for example, considerably enrich the range of materials available.

What is the value of materials data management?

Granta Design and its materials information technology helps organizations in industry sectors such as aerospace, energy, automotive, medical devices, and general manufacturing to optimize their management and to utilize critical materials and process data.

Virtual gold mine

In the digital age, knowledge about materials is becoming even more important as the range of materials is increasing daily and development cycles are becoming shorter and shorter. The answer to this challenge is to systematically manage and apply the available information with intelligent software. If this is successful, a virtual gold mine is created for the respective company.

Experience counts

The basis for success is the corresponding experience in dealing with material knowledge and the reliability of the information. Ansys Granta has a more than 20-year success story that has produced extremely sophisticated materials software tools. CADFEM is the suitable integration partner to open up the potential of simulation and materials expertise for you.

Ansys GRANTA Products for Material Selection and Material Data Management

Ansys Granta offers several software products for their company's material information management.

Ansys Granta MI™ - a scalable solution to create, control and store your company's valuable material data, including seamless integration of leading CAD, CAE and PLM systems.

Ansys Granta Selector - Compare different material properties from a comprehensive database to select the most appropriate material for their application.

This video gives an overview of what Ansys Materials is all about and shows a brief introduction to the full Granta product range.

02:19 minAnsys Materials

Material knowledge is valuable

With CADFEM and Ansys Granta, you can find the right solution for you.

  • The right design decisions are also a question of the material.
  • Materials define the limits of the product.
  • The span of materials and the requirements are constantly growing, and the material often makes the difference.

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Training related to the management of Material Data

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